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Strona Główna Muzyka Klasyczna Strauss Richard Richard Strauss - Salome (Solti) [1990]

Richard Strauss - Salome (Solti) [1990]

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Richard Strauss - Salome (Solti) [1990]

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Disc 1:

1. Scene 1 - "Wie schön ist die Prinzessin Salome heute Nacht!"	Josephine Veasey	2:50
2. Scene 1 - "Nach mir wird Einer kommen"	Josephine Veasey	2:36
3. Scene 2 - "Ich will nicht bleiben"	Birgit Nilsson	1:46
4. Scene 2 - "Siehe, der Herr ist gekommen"	Birgit Nilsson	1:34
5. Scene 2 - "Jauchze nicht, du Land Palästina"	Birgit Nilsson	2:21
6. Scene 2 - "Du wirst das für mich tun"	Birgit Nilsson	3:14	
7. Scene 3 - "Wo ist er, dessen Sündenbecher jetzt voll ist?"	Birgit Nilsson	9:43	
8. Scene 3 - "Jochanaan! Ich bin verliebt in deinen Leib"	Birgit Nilsson	8:34	
9. Scene 3 - "Wird dir nicht bange, Tochter der Herodias?"	Birgit Nilsson	7:44
10. Scene 4 - "Wo ist Salome?"	Grace Hoffman	2:27	
11. Scene 4 - Es ist kalt hier	Grace Hoffman	1:27
12. Scene 4 - "Salome, komm, trink Wein mit mir"	Birgit Nilsson	2:35
13. Scene 4 - "Siehe, die Zeit ist gekommen"	Grace Hoffman	0:48
14. Scene 4 - "Wahrhaftig, Herr, es wäre besser, ihn in unsre Hände zu geben!"	Gerhard Stolze	2:50
15. Scene 4 - "Siehe, der Tah ist nahe"	Grace Hoffman	3:18	

Disc 2:

1. Scene 4 - "Eine Menge Menschen wird sich gegen sie sammeln"	Grace Hoffman	2:04 
2. Scene 4 - "Tanz für Mich, Salome"	Birgit Nilsson	4:04	
3. Scene 4 - Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils	Wiener Philharmoniker	8:50	
4. Scene 4 - "Ah! Herrlich! Wundervoll, wundervoll!"	Birgit Nilsson	3:36
5. Scene 4 - Still, sprich nicht zu mir!	Birgit Nilsson	2:55	
6. Scene 4 - "Salome, bedenk, was du tun willst"	Birgit Nilsson	2:45
7. Scene 4 - "Man soll ihr geben, was sie verlangt!"	Grace Hoffman	1:51
8. Scene 4 - "Es ist kein Laut zu vernehmen"	Birgit Nilsson	2:05	
9. Scene 4 - "Ah! Du wolltest mich nicht deinen Mund"	Birgit Nilsson	11:44	
10. Scene 4 - "Sie ist ein Ungeheuer, deine Tochter"	Grace Hoffman	0:58
11. Scene 4 - "Ah! Ich habe deinen Mund geküsst, Jochanaan"	Birgit Nilsson	4:37

Birgit Nilsson (Soprano)
Gerhard Stolze (Tenor)
Grace Hoffman (Mezzo Soprano),
Josephine Veasey (Mezzo Soprano)
Stefan Schwer (Tenor)
Paul Kuen (Tenor)
Max Proebstl (Bass)
Aron Gestner (Tenor)
Tom Krause (Baritone)
Nigel Douglas (Tenor)
Zenon Kosnowski (Bass)
 Eberhard Wächter (Baritone)
Heinz Holecek (Baritone)
Theodore Kirschbichler (Bass)
Liselotte Maikl (Soprano)
Waldemar Kmentt (Tenor)
Kurt Equiluz (Tenor)

Vienna Philharmonic
Georg Solti – conductor


Soprano Birgit Nilsson would not look right in the role of the kittenish, erotically obsessed teenage princess who does her Dance of the Seven Veils for King Herod and demands the head of John the Baptist in payment. For that, you want to see Catherine Malfitano in the video edition issued by Telarc. But no other soprano on record matches Nilsson's vocal power and control in Salome's cruelly demanding music. The role calls for strong characterization as well as glittering high notes, and in this, too, Nilsson delivers. Sir George Solti's energetic conducting, the Vienna Philharmonic's virtuoso playing, a skilled supporting cast, London's vivid recording and, of course, Strauss's feverish music and the Oscar Wilde libretto make this a larger-than-life experience. ---Joe McLellan, amazon.com


Under the bright moon light, guard captain, Narraboth, intensely watches Princess Salome, with whom he is madly in love, from a terrace above the banquet hall as she dines with her stepfather and his court. As the royal family continue their feast, screams from Jochanaan the prophet are heard bellowing from the cistern. King Herod fears the prophet and orders everyone to ignore him and to never make contact with him. Most people go back to eating, but Princess Salome has become bored with her father and his guests, and excuses herself from the table. She makes her way to the terrace to get a breath of fresh air and hears Jochanaan cursing her mother, Herodias. Princess Salome immediately orders the guards to retrieve Jochanaan and bring him to her, but they refuse. Growing ever more curious about the feared prophet, she turns to Narraboth and charms him into bending to her will. Narraboth orders his men to bring Jochanaan to the princess, which they do so readily. Jochanaan emerges from the cistern shouting curses over Herod and Herodias. All but Princess Salome are unable to understand him. When her eyes set on Jochanaan's milky white skin, she becomes instantly enamored with him. She cannot help but ask to touch his skin. After telling her no, he begins to prophesy that the Son of God will save mankind. Princess Salome isn't interested in hearing what he has to say. She asks to touch his long, silky black hair. Again, he replies with a no, and continues to preach about the Son of God. Princess Salome cannot take it anymore and asks to kiss him. Narraboth is shocked. He unsheathes his dagger and fatally stabs himself out of grief. Jochanaan returns to the cistern telling her to find salvation from the Son of God. Princess Salome, rejected, falls to her feet.

King Herod, Herodias, and their court have finished their feast and have moved to the terrace. When King Herod enters, he slips on Narraboth's blood and begins hallucinating. With lustful eyes, he approaches his stepdaughter despite Herodias' objections. Princess Salome turns him away. Jochanaan begins shouting again from the cistern, demanding that he be handed over to the Jews. He shouts curses over Herodias again, and Herodias orders her husband to keep him quiet, but King Herod is too afraid. Herodias mocks his cowardice. Several Jews in attendance debate the nature of God, and two men from Nazareth tell of the miracles performed by Jesus. King Herod overhears their conversations and become even more unnerved.

To take his mind of things, King Herod begs Princess Salome to dance for him. Having been rejected by her twice before, he provides her an incentive - he will grant any one wish as long as she dance for him. Piqued by his generous offer, Princess Salome makes sure that King Herod will uphold his bargain. When she is satisfied that he will do as she wishes, she begins the "Dance of the Seven Veils." This oriental style dance is quite seductive. Princess Salome slowly removes each of the seven veils adorning her until she lies naked at her stepfathers feet. After her dance, King Herod is thrilled to grant her one wish. She immediately asks for the head of Jochanaan to be delivered to her on a silver platter. King Herod nearly turns ghostly white and spouts off a myriad of more desirable things - jewels, property, rare animals, etc. The beautiful Princess Salome holds fast to her wish and the king does as she says. Moments later, the king's guards return with the prophet's severed head delivered on a silver platter as requested. Princess Salome is overjoyed and grabs the head as if Jochanaan were still alive. She speaks to it passionately, then proceeds to kiss his lips. Disgusted by Princess Salome, King Herod orders his guards to execute her. --- Aaron Green, classicalmusic.about.com

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