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As the Years Go Passing By

Blues Notes
As the Years Go Passing By

Eric Clapton created some of greatest guitar riffs in rock, but he was stuck when he came to ‘Layla’. When Clapton told Allman of his dilemma, Duane went to work, soon coming up with the seven-notes phrase that is now one of the best-known guitar licks in the history of rock. It was exactly what ‘Layla’ needed. I would be some time before Clapton would find out that Allman’s brilliant line wasn’t entirely original. Duane had simply taken the first...


Someone Like You (Van Morrison)

Pop and Misc. Notes
Someone Like You (Van Morrison)

Legendary singer-songwriter Van Morrison grew up listening to artists such as Ray Charles and Solomon Burke, as well as Woody Guthrie, Muddy Waters and Charlie Parker, courtesy of his father’s record collection. These artists made a real impact on his work, and much of his music has been influenced by the Celtic tradition, jazz as well as soul music and r&b.

Someone Like You

George Ivan Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on August 31...

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Whiskey in the Jar

Rock Notes
Whiskey in the Jar

"Whiskey in the Jar" is probably the only Metallica song you can hear sung around campfires at living history events. The famous Irish song has an untraceable origin, that is, the primary song writer and and year of its release is unknown. Nevertheless, it has become quite popular over years due to extensive cover versions made by some reputable bands like Metallica. The version is based on the cover of Thin Lizzy.

Whiskey in The Jar

‘Whiskey in the jar’ is the...


O Welche Lust (Oh, What Joy) – Prisoners’ Chorus in Fidelio

Classical Notes
O Welche Lust (Oh, What Joy) – Prisoners’ Chorus in Fidelio

For almost two centuries, Beethoven’s Fidelio has enjoyed a very special place in the world of opera. Its celebration of married love at its most elevated, along with the triumph of political freedom over the forces of tyranny, has ensured Fidelio a mythic status — akin to Beethoven’s own Ninth Symphony — in much of the world. It is a work of art which offers a well-nigh religious, awe-inspiring experience in...


Cielito Lindo (Lovely Sweet One)

Latin French, Italian Notes
Cielito Lindo (Lovely Sweet One)

Chances are you've belted out your share of “Ay,ay, ay, ay” choruses in that timeless Mexican song about a lovely lady with dark eyes. Everyone knows ‘Cielito Lindo’, right – even if you've never been to Mexico. And even if you have no idea what “Sierra Morena” means in the first line. Or why the lady's eyes are called “contraband.” Besides dark, flashing eyes, the lady was said to have a lunar (a mole) near her mouth. The blemish got into...


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