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Music has always been our passion. We believe that every genre of music is valuable, but we don't like every one equally.


In 2007 we began to publish notes about music on one of Polish blogs. It did not take long for our work to be recognized and appreciated and soon our pages were regularly visited by our loyal readers. Among them there were also students and adepts of music, who put our articles to good use in their studies.


Therefore we decided to create our own website and publish also in English.


The genres we like most are classical music, jazz, blues and rock. And so our notes are and will be regarding mostly these styles, but of course we will write about others, too.


Every note is illustrated by music which will introduce either a specific piece or its author and performer. For you can write about music only if you can listen to it as well.


Isn't it interesting that out of all forms of art we are most affected by this elusive, intangible, invisible one, which is music?


Only music can give us that feeling of thousands of thrills floating around our backs. Marvellous they are!!!


What music genre would you like to find here the most?
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