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Strona Główna Muzyka Klasyczna Stradella Alessandro Stradella - Amanti, olà, olà! (2006)

Stradella - Amanti, olà, olà! (2006)

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Stradella - Amanti, olà, olà! (2006)

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Part One 	30:15
1 		Adagio - Allegro - 	3:13
2 		Allegro 	1:01
3 		'Amanti, ola, ola!' 	0:22
  	  	  	Madrigale a cinque voci 	
4 		Recitative: 'Or no si chi paventi' 	1:02
5 		Aria: 'Non sempre dispiega' 	1:16
6 		Recitative: 'Or voi, dame vezzose' 	0:28
7 		Duet: D'Amore all'invito' 	2:14
  	  	  	Bellezza, Cortesia 	
8 		Recitative: 'Che sia della Belta vanto primiero' 	1:01
9 		Aria: 'La belta d'un vago viso' 	6:45
10 		Recitative: 'Chi rese delirante' 	1:57
11 		Aria: 'Sembianza ch'č bella' 	1:01
  	  	  	Accademico I 	
12 		Duet: 'L'umana alterezza' 	2:05
  	  	  	Bellezza, Accademico II 	
13 		Recitative: 'Ragioni assai possenti' 	1:01
  	  	  	Amore, Cortesia 	
14 		Aria: 'Quel violento affetto' 	1:57
15 		Recitative: 'Dell'alma ch'č immortale' 	1:49
16 		Aria: 'La Bellezza persuade coi suoi rai' 	1:50
  	  	  	Bellezza, Amore 	
17 		Trio: 'Ogn'alma d'ambedue gode esser serva' 	1:14
  	  	  	Amore, Cortesia, Accademico II 	

Part Two 	21:55
18 		Allegro 	1:28
19 		Recitative: 'Con erudita lingua' 	2:46
  	  	  	Amore, Rigore 	
20 		Aria: 'Le donne piů belle' 	2:43
21 		Duet: 'Cruda beltč ch'idolatrie sol brama' 	2:15
  	  	  	Accademico I, Accademico II 	
22 		Recitative: 'Con concetti poetici e bizzarri' 	0:55
  	  	  	Amore, Capriccio 	
23 		Aria: 'Nere luci il vostro sole' 	2:31
24 		Arioso: 'Di rai biancheggianti' 	1:56
25 		Aria: 'Corriero sincero' 	0:48
26 		Recitative: 'Benché ascritto non sia' 	0:30
27 		Aria: 'Si guardi' 	2:09
28 		Recitative: 'Come, come fu ammesso' 	0:17
29 		Aria: 'Dal libro d'Amor' 	1:00
30 		Recitative: 'Unito al Disinganno' 	0:51
31 		'Dotto Maestro' 	1:47
  	  	  	Madrigale a cinque voci 	

 	Rosita Frisani soprano - Bellezza (Beauty)
 	Cristiana Presutti soprano - Cortesia (Courtesy)
 	Anna Chierichetti soprano - Capriccio (Fancy)
 	Gianluca Belfiori Doro alto - Amore (Love)
 	Mario Cecchetti tenor - Rigore ( Discipline)
 	Makato Sakurada tenor - Accademinco I (First Academician)
 	Riccardo Ristori bass - Accademico II (Second Academician) & Disinganno (Disenchantment)

Chi resiste al Dio bendato 	21:14
  	  	  	Serenata a 3 voci 	
32 		Sinfonia: Allegro 	0:45
33 		Sinfonia: Andante - Presto - Adagio - Presto 	3:23
34 		Aria: 'Chi resiste al Dio bendato' 	1:36
  	  	  	Soprano I 	
35 		Duet: 'IO, io de' cori amanti' 	1:06
  	  	  	Soprano II, Basso 	
36 		Aria: 'Fra lacci e catene' 	2:17
  	  	  	Soprano II, Basso 	
37 		Arioso: 'Deitŕ coeca' 	0:55
  	  	  	Soprano I 	
38 		Aria: 'Chi del bendato arcier' 	6:57
  	  	  	Soprano I 	
39 		Duet: 'Nume sovran' 	1:34
  	  	  	Soprano II, Basso 	
40 		Aria: 'Chi vive con amor' 	2:42
  	  	  	Soprano I 	
	Rosita Frisani soprano I
 	Anna Chierichetti soprano II
 	Riccardo Ristori basso
 	Alessandro Stradella Consort
 	Estevan Verlardi - conductor


Italy's Alessandro Stradella Consort, after recording works by Alessandro Scarlatti and other Italian Baroque composers, have turned back to their namesake with several impressive discs. Stradella's life was a dramatic one, containing sex and violence in equal measure, but some of the genres in which he worked have less prime-time appeal. This disc presents chamber vocal music Stradella wrote for his aristocratic patrons -- semi-dramatic works whose texts are both talky and stilted. Amanti, olà, olà is a setting of a sort of Platonic disputation on the nature of Love, featuring as characters Beauty, Courtesy, Fancy, Love itself, Discipline, Disenchantment, and two Academicians. The smaller three-part Chi resiste al Dio bendato treads similar territory, but Stradella doesn't let these abstract texts slow him down. His treatment of his small instrumental ensemble is extraordinarily atmospheric, and his moods are matched step for step by the Alessandro Stradella Consort under Estevan Velardi. Stradella perfected a dramatically effective type of vocal line that Handel must have known well, directly or indirectly. Sample track 38, Chi del bendato arcier schiavo fedel si trova (Those who find themselves faithful slaves of the blind archer) for an example of Stradella's ability to infuse real lackadaisical lovesickness into a conventional text, and also to hear the voice of soprano Rosita Frisani, the singer among Velardi's group who is most often featured here. It's effective if you've heard some Baroque-specialist singers before, but it may take some getting used to. The music and performances here aren't quite the revelation of those on the Stradella Consort's Vola, vola in altri petti recording, but they offer new illustrations of the unknown riches to be found in Stradella's music. Both the works here are receiving their premiere recordings. --- James Manheim, Rovi

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