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Silencio (Silence)

Latin French, Italian Notes
Silencio (Silence)

One of the most moving and touching 'boleros' ever, "Silencio" was composed by Puerto Rico's Rafael Hernandez, a major figure of Latin American music. The rendition features Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo in a soulful duet Wim Wenders filmed the recording session in Havana as well as the performance of the song in Amsterdam.

Ibrahim Ferrer & Omara Portuendo sing 'Silencio'


The scene from the film in which the song is performed is particularly poignant...


West Helena Blues

Blues Notes
West Helena Blues

Located across the Mississippi from Clarksdale, Helena, Arkansas was a thriving wide-open port town during the’30s and ‘40s. The main street Cherry, which paralleled to levee, had dozens of white saloons, while Elm Street, running just behind, had dozens of black. Bluesmen from all over – Johnny Shines, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Sunnyland Slim and Rossevelt Sykes – congregated here by the dozens, knowing they could get work. Memphis Minnie sang about...


Joseph Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto

Classical Notes
Joseph Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto

Joseph Haydn wrote his "Trumpet Concerto in E flat major" in 1796. It is a piece in three movements, dedicated it to his friend Anton Weidinger, who had developed an improved trumpet which could play chromatically throughout all its range. With natural brass instruments being the norm, this represented an important advance. Weidinger's invention was not succesful, though, and natural trumpets were used until the 1830s, when valve instruments were first...

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Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman)

Pop and Misc. Notes
Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman)

Tracy Chapman Quotes:

“Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It's something I don't feel like I really control.”

“We have more media than ever and more technology in our lives. It's supposed to help us communicate, but it has the opposite effect of isolating us.”

“With other people, you're always swapping music. Somebody is always listening to something you've never heard. It's a great way to...


Moscow Nights (Podmoskovnye Vechera)

Pop and Misc. Notes
Moscow Nights (Podmoskovnye Vechera)

There is an interesting story how Zhenya Kanaeva decided to choose ”Moscow Nights” for her Ribbon 2008. Before the season 2008 Irina Viner – head coach of Russian National Gymnast Team – went to China and visited one restaurant. At the door of the restaurant there was a bell singing the melody of Moscow Nights. And she says that every time when somebody entered the restaurant, all the visitors would start to smile and sing the song together with...

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