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Strona Główna Muzyka Klasyczna Kodaly Zoltan Kodaly – Hary Janos Suite – Dances of Galanta (Dorati) [1994]

Kodaly – Hary Janos Suite – Dances of Galanta (Dorati) [1994]

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Kodaly – Hary Janos Suite – Dances of Galanta (Dorati) [1994]

Háry János - Suite
1. Prelude; the fairy tale begins 	03:20
2. Viennese musical clock 	02:14 	
3. Song 	05:24 
4. The battle and defeat of Napoleon 	03:58 	
5. Intermezzo 	04:42 	
6. Entrance of the emperor and his court 	03:10 	
Dances of Galánta
7. 1. Lento - maestoso 	04:38
8. 2. Allegretto moderato 	02:37 
9. 3. Allegro con moto, grazioso 	01:28 	
10. 4. Allegro 	03:05 	
11. 5. Allegro vivace 	03:21 
Variations on a Hungarian Folksong “The Peacock”
12. 1. Moderato (Theme) 	03:54 	
13. 2. Con brio (Variations I-VI) 	02:58 	
14. 3. Vivo (Variations VII-X) 	03:01 
15. 4. Andante espressivo (Variations XI-XII) 	05:33 	
16. 5. Tempo di marcia funebre (Variations XIII-XVI) 	05:29 
17. 6. Finale: Vivace 	03:51 
18. Marosszéki táncok (Dances of Marosszèk) - for orchestra 	12:25

1 Theatre Overture 14:14
2 Concerto for Orchestra
3 Summer Evening 16:44
Symphony in C
4 Allegro 10:13
5 Andante moderato 8:07, 
6 Vivo 7:30

Philharmonia Hungarica
Antal Dorati – conductor


This two-CD set features all of twentieth century Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly's (1882-1967) major orchestral works. No other such set currently exists, so this fact alone makes this CD set unique. Even better is the fact that the performances (from the 1970s) remain unsurpassed to this day. Antal Dorati and the Philharmonia Hungarica--an all Hungarian lineup--play the music of this composer like no one else ever has. The famous Hary Janos Suite sounds as colorful and exciting as it gets. Every last detail of the orchestral contribution, including instrumental solos, is done to perfection. The Galanta Dances are given a wildly exciting performance, full of ethnic-derived tunes, played with great flair. The Peacock Variations are given a virtuosic and thrilling performance, with all the shades of color expressed perfectly. The less-performed Marosszek Dances (transcribed from piano) are given the most persuasive performance I have ever heard. And that's all on the first CD!

The second CD features Kodaly's rarer works, but you'd be missing so much if you didn't hear them! The Theatre Overture (originally part of Hary Janos) is a colorful score that captures Kodaly at his very best. The Concerto for Orchestra is a neo-classical work (its title is the same as the famous work by Kodaly's colleague Bartok) that is very enjoyable if not quite as mesmerizing as Kodaly's other works. The Summer Evening is one of Kodaly's very best: an impressionistic, colorful sketch of lyrical tunes that is very memorable. The Symphony in C is another neo-classical work that combines that genre with musical modernism (it was Kodaly's last major work), and the result is a true masterpiece that you'll return to often. All of the performances are outstanding. Dorati's interpretations with his Hungarian orchestra are idiomatic, capturing every nuance with care, which other performances often fail to do. The sound quality on both CDs is about as perfect as you could want--typical of Decca's 1970s analogue recordings: they sound better than many digital recordings! --- goodmusicman, amazon.com

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