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Rzeznia – Mathematic Grind (2003)

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Rzeźnia – Mathematic Grind (2003)

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1. 	Powiedz 	00:31 	  
2. 	Jutro 		01:28 	  
3. 	Drugs 		01:06 	  
4. 	Rzeźnik 	00:29 	  
5. 	Manipulacje 	00:51 	  
6. 	Ślepcy 		00:36 	
7. 	Degenerat 	01:12 	  
8. 	Pomyśl 		00:50 	  
9. 	Transporty śmierci 	01:27 	  
10. 	Dzisiaj 		01:32 	  
11. 	Ła mignat 	01:49 	 
12. 	Bezosobowość 		00:51 	 
13. 	Żywe trupy 	01:44 	 
14. 	Religijny przemysł 	01:26 	 
15. 	Szkło 		01:01 	 
16. 	50 000 		01:45 	 
17. 	Wrak 		01:36 	 
18. 	Irena 		02:02 	 
19. 	Pionek 		01:16 	 
20. 	Żreć 		00:40 	 
21. 	Machina społeczna 	02:18 	 
22. 	Tek-Kno T 	00:53 	 
23. 	Psychol 	02:53 	

Kaczor - Bass, Vocals
Darunio - Guitars, Vocals
Biały - Vocals (high)
Paju - Vocals (low)
Michał "Spłuczka" Baczun - Drums, Vocals

Tracks 1-11: Recorded at Sanok on June 2002
Tracks 12-23: Recorded May 1996

Track 11 is a cover of the Brujeria song "La Migra".


Zanim przystąpiłem do konsumpcji "Mathematic grind" spożyłem sporą golonkę... nie powiem, z piwem smakuje jeszcze lepiej! I obejrzałem sobie wkładkę Rzeźnia... Mało mi się nie cofnęło, ale, co przyjąłem to moje i zazwyczaj już nie wydalam. Zespół obraca się w socjalno-politycznych klimatach ubierając swoje poglądy w zimny świeży grind. 3 różne wokale, ciężkie i masywne brzmienie, krótkie i treściwe utwory – esencja grindu zachowana. Rzeźnia bardzo fajnie wprowadza w te goreowo grindowe kanony troche hard core’a...tego prawdziwego nie popowego szitu. Przez to materiał miło faluje i nie męczy jak część grindowych łomotów. "Mathematic grind" jest albumem króciutkim, jego podstawowa część zamyka się w ponad kwadransie, wydawca pomyślał i dołączył stare demo zespołu... i tu dopiero widać jaki postęp poczyniła Rzeźnia od 96 roku. Sumując... ciekawa płyta, lekko wykraczająca poza klasyczne ramy gatunku, dobrze kręcąca i na odpowiednim poziomie. Jeden z najlepszych polskich zespołów grindowych... nie ma to tamto... Rzeźnia rulezz! ---masterful-magazine.com


Here's some brutal grindcore from Poland with a solid mix of vicious rhythms and blasting speed, low growls and sick midrange screams, short songs that cut to the chase without fucking around (most in less than a minute), etc. I'm not sure "mathematic grind" is an accurate tag for the band, as it's honestly not very complex or technical, it seems pretty straightforward to me, but whatever. It's still good material. The only problem is that the drums are too rigid and loud, while the guitars and bass sort of form a muddy wall of thick and nasty distortion behind them. It would sound incredible if the guitars and bass were as dominant as the vocals and the drums were mixed to the back, but as it stands the drumming is way too far up front and distracting. It doesn't ruin the disc, but it does have a detrimental effect, for sure. Among the standouts are "Manipulacje" and "Transporty Smierci", both of which are just total ragers: Fast and aggressive without neglecting tempo changes or fluid arrangements (not to mention killer distorted bass breaks). They even do "La Mignat", a Brujeria cover ("La Migra", obviously). The CD also includes 12 bonus tracks from 1996's "Zrec" demo tape, but sadly these songs must not have been mastered because they play at about half the volume of the 11 tracks from the actual "Mathematic Grind" EP, which is incredibly annoying. The demo has a thicker, rawer sound that's a little on the messy side and quite muddy, but it works okay, and were the songs mastered properly it would've been a damn fine addition. Hell, aside from the dropouts in the master tape I almost like the recording of the demo better than the EP itself. It's definitely still cool that they added the tracks on, but there should have been a greater attention to the sound quality and continuity of the disc as a whole. The layout's alright. I think this copy had some printing errors as some of the printing is a hair off center so things are slightly blurry, but it's okay for the most part. There are a ton of gory images (slaughterhouse photos, a nasty shot of a dude bitten to death and partially eaten by dogs, etc.) as well as tiny band photos, and all of the lyrics are in Polish with English translations. Believe it or not most of the lyrics are actually pretty positive, speaking out against dishonest politicians, racism, the slaughter of animals, war, etc. The verdict? Solid. I like this. I'd like it a lot more if the aforementioned fixes were in effect, and it's sort of silly that the bonus tracks take up more time than the new material... but all the same, this band is one to watch. ---Andrew Aversionline, aversionline.com

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