Paganini - Omaggio a Paganini (2000)

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Paganini - Omaggio a Paganini (2000)

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1.Variazioni sul Mose - Y. Menuhin; 0:07:38.22
2.Capriccio N.9 - Y. Menuhin; 0:02:59.04
3.Capriccio N.23 - Y. Menuhin;  0:04:20.96
4.Moto perpetuo - J. Heifetz; 0:04:01.17
5.Capriccio N.20 - J. Heifetz; 0:02:53.86
6.I Palpiti - V. Prihoda; 0:09:13.22
7.Le Streghe - V. Prihoda; 0:07:13.90
8.Nel cor piu non mi sento - V. Prihoda; 0:10:16.93
9.God save the King - J. Kubelik; 0:05:28.26
10.Capriccio N.6 - J. Kubelik; 0:04:03.40
11.La Campanella - N. Milstein; 0:03:55.96
12.Capriccio N.5 - W. Primrose; 0:01:34.70
13.Capriccio N.13 - W. Primrose; 0:02:06.40
14.Capriccio N.17 - W. Primrose; 0:03:14.82

William Primrose, Nathan Milstein, Yehudi Menuhin, Jascha Heifetz, Vasa Prihoda – violin
Charles Cerne, 	Ferguson Webster, Andre Benoist, Leopold Mittmann, Harry Isaacs – piano


Paganini (born Oct. 27, 1782, Genoa, Republic of Genoa — died May 27, 1840, Nice, France) Italian violinist and composer. A prodigy, he joined an orchestra by age nine. He toured Italy (1810 – 28), renowned as its greatest violin virtuoso. His long-deferred international tour (1830 – 34) met with sensational success. Paganini's romantic personality and adventures created in his own day the legend of a Mephistophelean figure. He greatly extended violin technique, employing a wide use of harmonics, pizzicato effects, and new methods of fingering and even of tuning. His numerous compositions include 24 Caprices (1801 – 07) for solo violin, displaying the novel features of his technique, and six violin concertos.

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