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01. An Angel Came Down (3:52)
02. O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night (4:19)
03. A Star To Follow (3:49)
04. First Snow (3:53)
05. The Silent Nutcracker (2:22)
06. A Mad Russian's Christmas (4:42)
07. The Prince Of Peace (3:33)
08. Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 (3:25)
09. Good King Joy (6:36)
10. Ornament (3:37)
11. The First Noel (0:55)
12. Old City Bar (6:18)
13. Promises To Keep (2:41)
14. This Christmas Day (4:20)
15. An Angel Returned (3:52)
16. O Holy Night (2:40)
17. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1:16)

Robert Kinkel - Piano and Keyboards
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Jon Oliva - Piano, Keyboards and Bass Guitars
Paul O'Neill - Rhythm Guitars
Al Pitrelli - Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars
Jeff Plate – Drums
Chris Caffery - Additional Guitars on (08)
Cello - Mary Wooten
French Horn - John Clark


    Zak Stevens
    John Margolis
    Marlene Danielle
    Michael Fawcette
    Thomas Faresse
    Ken Williams
    Babi Floyd


    Zak Stevens
    Nancy Jackson
    Peggy Harley
    Latasha Spencer
    Danielle Lander
    Jeffrey Stackhouse
    Timothy Carosi
    Peter Valentine

Child choir
Anthony Piccolo - conductor


What would happen if members of Savatage decided to write some Christmas songs? Easy: Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This "supergroup" is the brainchild of Jon Oliva and Paul O'Neill (respectively the leader-keyboardist and the producer of Savatage). They hired Al Pitrelli (Asia, Savatage) to play guitars, Robert Kinkel to help with keyboards, John Middleton (also a member of Savatage) on bass, and Jeff Plate on drums. Lead vocals are shared by six vocalists, while some of the backing vocals are handled by Savatage lead singer Zachary Stevens. Christmas Eve and Other Stories is a concept album: all the songs are built as chapters of a book, each telling part of a larger story. The plot here is of a young angel sent down to Earth to find and bring back to the Lord "the one thing that best represents everything good that has been done in the name of this day." The angel's quest takes him all over the world, through Russia and Sarajevo, until he finally hears the prayer of a father. This last piece is the strongest moment on the album and makes for a miniature story within the larger story. It is basically told in a trilogy of songs: in the first, "Ornament," we hear the father's prayer, explaining how he hasn't seen his daughter in many years. In "Old City Bar," the angel finds the daughter, standing alone outside a bar, and talks to the bartender who, out of a random act of kindness, takes all the cash from his register drawer and gives it to the girl so she can go home. The third song, "This Christmas Day," has the father praising God, thanking him for bringing his daughter back to him on this night of all nights. It is a very touching story, pondering the thought that "If you want to arrange it/This world you can change it/If we could somehow make this/Christmas thing last/By helping a neighbor/Or even a stranger." Musically, the band has taken some traditional Christmas songs ("O Come All Ye Faithful," "O Holy Night," "The First Noel") and mixed in some modern rock music. The result is stunning and very impressive. It is filled with energy that simply blows you away. The already classic "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" is a gripping instrumental based on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (although you might have to listen carefully to hear it). Fans of progressive music should like this one. And if you're into the more recent works of Savatage (like Handful of Rain or Dead Winter Dead) you'll really love this. ---Alex S. Garcia, AllMusic Review

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Christmas Attic (1998) Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Christmas Attic (1998)

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01. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (2:15)
02. Boughs of Holly (4:25)
03. The World That She Sees (3:01)
04. The World That He Sees (4:45)
05. Midnight Christmas Eve (4:21)
06. The March of the Kings / Hark The Herald Angels Sing (3:52)
07. The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened) (6:29)
08. Christmas Canon (4:19)
09. Joy / Angels We Have Heard On High (3:56)
10. Find Our Way Home (3:46)
11. Appalachian Snowfall (4:13)
12. The Music Box (3:01)
13. The Snow Came Down (5:43)
14. Christmas In the Air (4:13)
15. Dream Child (A Christmas Dream) (7:05)
16. An Angel's Share (3:05)
17. Music Box Blues (4:58)

    Jody Ashworth
    Joe Cerisano
    Katrina Chester
    Marlene Danielle
    Thomas Farese
    Peggy Harley
    Daryl B. Pediford

    Latisha Jordan - Background Coordinator
    Peggy Harley
    Robert Kinkel
    Maurice Lauchner
    Al Pitrelli
    Jon Oliva
    Timara Sanders
    Zak Stevens
    Doug Thoms
    Yolanda Wyns

Child choir
Conductor:     Dan Moriarty

    The Choristers, St. Bartholomew's Church, New York City
    Marilina Acosta
    Brendan Burgess
    Julian George
    Shoshana Frishberg
    Julia George
    Jack Gibson
    Nina Gottlieb
    Erick Hernandez
    Michelle Repella
    Anton Spivack

Robert Kinkel - Piano and Keyboards
Jon Oliva - Piano, Keyboards and Bass Guitars
Al Pitrelli - Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars
Paul O'Neill - Rhythm Guitars
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Jeff Plate - Drums
Chris Caffery - Rhythm Guitars


Trans-Siberian Orchestra's second album, Christmas Attic, may not be as focused or serious as Christmas Eve, but it is just as enjoyable and maybe even more consistent, thanks to Paul O'Neill's increasingly impressive compositions and an improved musicality. ---Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic Review


This is TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA's second album released in 1998 two years after their very successful debut. Yes this is more of the same in that it is of the same style. Again we get a concept album dealing with that young angel. This time the Lord has sent him down to earth on the night of Christmas eve, this time to leave the one thing behind that would most benefit all of mankind. The problem for the angel was that he couldn't bring anything with him from heaven to leave. All of this is detailed in the liner notes as we are told of the angels thoughts, concerns and quest.

It turns out the gift that was left behind was a gift of "belief" to this one particular child who with the angel's help (unknown to the child) realizes that the Earth is a magical place and as such this child could make this world a better place. Hey it's Christmas and like the debut this can be an emotional ride if you let it be. Like the first album it's the instrumentals that really standout for me. Again we get the same six members or former members of SAVATAGE helping out. Once a year i'd much rather play something from this band than any other Christmas music that i've heard. ---Mellotron Storm,

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