Project Damage Control - Project Damage Control (2005)

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Project Damage Control - Project Damage Control (2005)

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1 	Dreamscape 	4:48
2 	Somewhere 	5:53
3 	Liar 	5:05
4 	New Jerusalem 	5:05
5 	Surrender 	4:44
6 	Lost 	4:04
7 	Wonder 	3:56
8 	Lay Me Down 	3:57
9 	Heaven 	4:22
10 	Try Again 	3:17

Drums – Christian Dean, Louie Weaver
Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar – Bret Handy
Lead Guitar – Mark Folta, Michael Vines
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar – George New
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboards – Alan Sandifer
Vocals – John Schlitt 


PDC is a soundtrack of life. It's too real for Christian radio and just what the world needs. PDC is a musical blend of modern, hard and classic rock, featuring the voice of John Schlitt (Petra & Head East) and the drumming of Louie Weaver (Viktor & Petra).

Project Damage Control is the byproduct of an 80's band, "Heart Attack", reuniting to record their original songs for posterity. Alan and Brent began inviting friends and longtime admired musicians to add their personality to the tracks. All of the guests walked in cold, listened to the songs a few times, and then recorded their parts in two to three takes maximum. This production technique matches the context of the songs. It is spontaneous, musical and unassembled. Just as in real life, there is no perfection. Everyone needs some damage control. For posterity.

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