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1 "Blood And Confusion" – 5:13
2 "Eleven Three O Three" – 4:06
3 "Irreverent Elegy" – 5:10
4 "The Divine Rapture" – 6:38
5 "Omen of Delirium" – 6:10
6 "Call Me" (Blondie Cover) - 3:43
7 "Out Body Experience" - 5:06
8 "Prayer of Sorrow" - 5:30
9 "Vox of Anti-Time" - 5:55

* Cadaveria - Vocals 
* Frank Booth - Guitar
* Killer Bob (John) - Bass
* Marcelo Santos (Flegias) - Drums


Cadaveria is both the name of the group and the name of the group's singer, and the outfit's second album, 2004's Far Away from Conformity, was probably conceived to play like an aural nightmare. But it's doubtful its creators truly expected it to feel just as unpleasant. When she abandons her capable if unspectacular clean singing or even her far more convincing death growl for a keening, harpy-like screech, vocalist Cadaveria becomes the most grating instrument ever unleashed upon mankind -- like the undead ex-wife from Hell. Clearly fixated on Marilyn Manson for her pancake-happy image (she literally looks like his little sister), the singer leads her troops through an ill-defined mishmash of metallic styles, ranging from outright death metal ("The Divine Rapture") to warped goth rock ("Eleven Three O Three") and onward into realms unknown -- or at least indiscernible. Whatever the case, songs like "Irreverent Elegy" (complete with derivative acoustic guitar portions), "Omen of Delirium" (L7 gone nu-metal), and "Vox of Anti-Time" (hey, brilliant guitar solo!) are way too schizophrenically arranged to stand up under close scrutiny, either individually or within the album's overall scope. And the band's horribly disfigured cover of Blondie's "Call Me" probably has Italian compatriot Giorgio Moroder vengefully sneaking around their neighborhood toting a loaded AK-47 even as we speak (duck when you sight the flash of a disco ball). Musically, Cadaveria are hardly amateurs; in fact, they're well-seasoned pros, which makes it difficult to pan what in the end amounts to a very professional record. But, likewise, it's impossible to forgive Far Away from Conformity for failing to connect on so many levels and straying so far away from outstanding. ---Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic Review

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Cadaveria - In Your Blood (2007) Cadaveria - In Your Blood (2007)

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1 "100.000 Faces" - 3:01
2 "The Dream" - 4:15
3 "Anagram" - 2:44
4 "Memento Audere Semper" - 5:33
5 "Laying in Black" - 4:24
6 "Queen of Forgotten" - 4:57
7 "Exorcism to Chaos" - 4:17
8 "Uneven Like Clouds" - 4:15
9 "Before the Apes Came" - 4:47
10 "Virtual Escape from Tragedy" - 4:06
11 "Atypical Suggestions by a Dead Artist" - 3:33
12 "Enlightened" - 4:14

Bass – Killer Bob
Drums – Marçelo Santos
Guitar – Frank Booth
Vocals – Cadaveria


So there is one song that I would play to the Man From Mars and say "this is what doomy black metal is about". Atypical Suggestions By A Dead Artist is one of Cadaveria's shortest songs, and is by far her shortest good song. That is important to what I want to make clear in this review.

Good songs are neither shorter than or longer than they need to be. Some bands have songs that go on for upwards of ten minutes, and one starts to wonder if they are ever going to end. Cadaveria and her band seem to have the exact opposite problem on In Your Blood. Just as the song is getting to a point where it feels like it is going to take you somewhere, it is over. The one song from In Your Blood that I know has a video, The Dream, is like an attempt to create a sort of Cadaveria For Remedial Classes. Okay, Cadaveria, we get it, you will not forget where you come from. Can you please make a song that takes hold of a good riff and keeps it going for as long as the song can take it?

The one song on this album that I listen to again and again, Atypical Suggestions By A Dead Artist, is a capsule of everything that is missing from not only the other eleven songs on In Your Blood, but also from every other ho-hum song in Cadaveria's catalogue. Very clearly influenced by the Black Sabbath song Children Of The Grave, Atypical Suggestions By A Dead Artist builds a very simple rhythmic pattern as Cadaveria speaks, very slightly harmonises, and roars about how she, for example, needs to be loved once in a day. These verses build something. They give the listener a picture of a person who is unable to live life the way others expect them to, and what kind of person they are. They go somewhere and create images, in other words. None of the other eleven songs on In Your Blood do this. And given that Atypical Suggestions By A Dead Artist is only slightly more than three and a half minutes long, spending money to own this recording is a very shaky proposition indeed.

I guess what I am getting at here is that In Your Blood could really have stood to have been in the songwriting stage for another six months or year. There are bands and artists who take songs on the road and play them before audiences for long periods of time before settling down to record albums with those songs on them. I doubt that any of the twelve songs on In Your Blood would have made it into a recording studio, in this form, if they had been previewed in such a fashion. Basically, this is one record you can definitely do without. ---Kronisk,

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