Alannah Myles - 85 BPM (2014)

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Alannah Myles - 85 BPM (2014)

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1 	Leave It Alone (85 BPM) 	4:48
2 	Give Me Love 	4:41
3 	Black Velvet (Original Rerecord) 	4:48
4 	Prime Of My Life 	4:05
5 	Can't Stand The Rain 	4:02
6 	Anywhere But Home	3:02
7 	Only Wings 	4:29
8 	Comment Ca Va 	5:22
9 	Faces In The Crowd 	3:20
10 	What Is Love 	3:26
11 	I Love You 	4:37
12 	Trouble 	3:40

Michael Borkosky: Acoustic & electric guitars, (Solo: Give Me Love), bass, backing vocals & arrangements,
 percussion, mandolin, English horn on Only Wings, initial string arrangements, keyboards,
  sampling, patience & programming.
Kurt Schefter: electric guitars. 
Randy Cooke: drums & percussion.
Creighton Doane: drums & percussion on Comment Ca Va, Give Me Love & Faces In The Crowd.
Ray Coburn: Rhodes, Wurlitzer, organ. 
Dragoslav (Drag) Tanaskovic: Rhodes, Organ on Anywhere But Home  & additional string arrangements on Faces In The Crowd.
Jerome Godboo: harmonicas.
Mike Smith: Washboard, Andrew Queen: gut bucket , jaw harp & jug on Trouble.
Jeff Healey: Slide guitar solos on Anywhere But Home & Can’t Stand The Rain. 
Gary Nicholson: National Resophonic guitar on ‘Trouble’.
Additional Acoustic Guitars on Acoustic Black Velvet Dakini Mix: Syril d’Ys.
Saidah & Tuku Mathews: backing vocals on Comment Ca Va, Anywhere But Home, What Is Love, & Trouble…
Sass Jordan: backing vocals on Comment Ca Va & Anywhere but Home.
Alannah Myles: backing vocals, Chinese Ball, dial tone, plastic peanut crickets, cow moo & various percussion.
Liny Wood: lead & backing vocals on Lover of Mine.
Horns: Chris Mitchell, Gord Meyers & Ray Podhornik.
Oshito Yamano: Sitar
Valerie Kuinka: Viola 
James Wallenberg: 1ST Violin
Paul Zevenhuizen: 2ND Violin
Peter Rapson: Cello
Maureen Gallighan: Irish Step Dancer on Trouble 
Ra Violi: Shawm on Comment Ca Va


Almost thirty years after the release of her major label debut, Myles continues to pursue her music with the same fire. Working hard as a singer, songwriter, and producer, she released a spectacular album in 2014, entitled 85 BPM, which shows that her voice is as powerful, real, and chilling as ever. Believing in her integrity as a performer, Myles is not living off the past, but plotting for the future with even more music in the works. Recently we caught up with the singer-songwriter to talk about the success she has earned, the work put into 85 RPM, her plans for new music, plus more.


Real soul and emotion in this record. Alannah's best. Alannah Myles just doesn't make bad albums.

I have been consistently listening to 85 bpm for months, now. I love this album. Why? In short, the songwriting is just so strong and the performances (Alannah's vocal performances) are absolutely beautiful. Raw and soulful in just the right places with such dynamic power and restraint, this album is a masterpiece and I personally can't stop listening to it. I won't presume to know Alannah's heart, but this music is obviously pretty close to hers as each syllable appears to be sung with such unquestionable conviction. The music is equal parts strength and vulnerability. Dripping with passion, catchy as hell, if you like Alannah Myles get ready to love her. ---Andy from Langley,

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