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Original 1988 CD 

1    Venus – 3:29
2    I Heard a Rumour – 3:24
3    Love in the First Degree – 3:31
4    I Can’t Help It – 3:30
5    I Want You Back – 3:45
6    Love, Truth & Honesty – 3:27
7    Nathan Jones – 3:19
8    Really Saying Something – 2:42 – with Fun Boy Three
9    Shy Boy – 3:13
10    Robert De Niro’s Waiting – 3:29
11    Cruel Summer – 3:35
12    It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It * – 2:48 – with Fun Boy Three
13    Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) – 3:28
14    Rough Justice – 3:38
15    A Trick of the Night – 4:06
16    Aie a Mwana – 3:38
17 More Than Physical – 3:43
18 Do Not Disturb – 3:24
19 Hot Line to Heaven – 3:45
20 The Wild Life – 3:17
21 Cheers Then – 3:25

CD2: The Greatest Remixes

22    Really Saying Something [U.S. Extended Version] – 7:57
23    Shy Boy [U.S. Extended Version] – 7:20
24    Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Extended Version] – 4:51
25    Robert De Niro’s Waiting [Extended Version] – 5:42
26   Venus [Hellfire Mix] – 9:17
27    More Than Physical [Garage Mix] – 8:46
28    I Heard a Rumour [Miami Mix] – 7:14
29    Love in the First Degree [Eurobeat Style] – 7:15
30    I Can’t Help It [The Hammond Version Excursion] – 6:33
31    Nathan Jones [Psycho Mix] – 6:23
32  Cruel Summer [’89 Swing Beat Dub] – 5:17


Bananarama celebrate their 35th anniversary in 2016 and their achievements speak for themselves. Two Band Aid appearances, an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful female band worldwide with the most charting singles, all of which were international hits, four hitting the US Billboard Top 10 including a No.1 with Venus. To date they have had 32 Top 40 UK hits. They have released 10 albums and sold 30 million records.

A singular talent for directing their own fate Bananarama formed 35 years ago in London when teenagers and childhood friends Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward met Siobhan Fahey. Sara and Siobhan were studying journalism at the London University of Arts (London College of Fashion) and Keren was working at the BBC. About to be thrown out of the YWCA for ‘keeping late hours’ Sara and Keren bumped into ex Sex Pistol Paul Cook in the club Taboo and he offered them a place to stay above the the Sex Pistols old rehearsal room. He ended up producing their first single Aie A Mwana. One early radio play from legendary DJ John Peel was all it took to catch the attention of ex Specials singer Terry Hall who tracked the girls down and asked them to perform on The Fun Boy Three single It Ain’t what you do. They went on to support everyone from Iggy Pop to Paul Weller (Weller went on to pen a track for the bands first album) appearing on numerous tv shows while still being so skint they were using the baths at the local swimming pool for £1 a throw.

For the next ten years the girls were everywhere and so were their hits. They became internationally hot property when hits Cruel Summer hit the US Billboard Top 10, with their video filmed in NYC , I Heard a Rumour No.4 ,Venus No. 1. And Robert de Niro’s Waiting paved the way for the now legendary meeting between the girls and the Hollywood superstar.

Identifying the right producers/collaborators at the right point in their career has always been their strong point from Jolley and Swain who produced their debut album Deep Sea Skiving and follow up Bananarama to Stock/Aitken/Waterman who produced the Platinum selling WOW!, to Youth with Pop Life. In 2005 they were picking out Swedish hitmakers Murlyn to produce the album Drama (singles Move In My Direction & Look On The Floor Top 20 UK, US Billboard dance No. 2) and in 2009 they found a perfect foil in Ian Masterson (Pet shop Boys, Girls Aloud, Kylie) who produced the album VIVA.

Today popstars fetishise prescribes notions of credibility and fall over themselves to prove their songwriting talents – back then Bananarama didn’t ever really shout about their own songwriting, firstly because they actually did write massive hits (Cruel Summer, Robert de Niro’s Waiting, I Heard A Rumour, Love In The First Degree, I Want You Back, Last Thing On My Mind, a huge hit for the group Steps and many more…..) and secondly why wouldn’t they have written their own material. Bananarama like the Go Go’s and the Bangles were not a manufactured band but three friends who came from the London Club scene with a Punk attitude and were always in control of their own destiny.

In 2012 Bananarama have appeared in the hit ITV comedy Benidorm, they embarked to the US for the Pinktober tour at Hard Rock Cafes and released a brand new 4 tracks digital EP called Now Or Never. In February 2016, the girls did a succesful Australian Tour followed by a sold out Japan tour in October.

For the first time ever, the original Bananarama line up are back together for a string of live shows in 2017. It is your only chance to see Sara, Keren and Siobhan live across the UK. ---bananarama.co.uk

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Bananarama ‎– Bananarama (1984) http://www.theblues-thatjazz.com/en/pop-miscellaneous/6009-bananarama/25207-bananarama--bananarama-1984.html http://www.theblues-thatjazz.com/en/pop-miscellaneous/6009-bananarama/25207-bananarama--bananarama-1984.html Bananarama ‎– Bananarama (1984)

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1 	Cruel Summer	3:33
2 	Rough Justice	5:06
3 	King Of The Jungle	3:18
4 	Dream Baby	3:09
5 	Link	1:31
6 	Hot Line To Heaven	7:19
7 	State I'm In	2:48
8 	Robert De Niro's Waiting	3:44
9 	Through A Child's Eyes	3:40

Track 5 (Link) is not listed on artwork, only on disc label.

Bananarama are:
Keren Woodward, Sarah Dallin and Siobhan Fahey


For their second album, Bananarama underwent a telling change in persona, from the flyaway-haired, overall-clad everygirls of Deep Sea Skiving into a sleeker and glammier look. Similarly, the album has a much more polished feel than the occasionally scattershot debut, which is not always a good thing; sticking with Tony Swain and Steve Jolley to produce the whole thing (the duo had shared production duties with three others on the debut), Bananarama traded their early tropical-tinged playfulness and ironic overtones for a more commercial sound that scored well on the charts (the terrific opener "Cruel Summer" was a worldwide hit, and several other tracks were U.K. hits) but was less unique than before. What's most unusual about Bananarama is the content of the songs. Lyrically, the album is surprisingly serious, with topics ranging from sectarian violence in Ireland ("Rough Justice") to domestic violence ("King of the Jungle") to drug use ("Hot Line to Heaven"), none of which are in keeping with the trio's frothy image. Indeed, under the singalong chorus, the album's best track, "Robert de Niro's Waiting," turns out to be the traumatized musings of a teenage rape victim, set to an improbably dreamy, carefree melody. Even comparatively light songs like "State I'm In" and "Dream Baby" have an oddly paranoid tone to them. Of course, the detour into mature themes didn't last long, as the group's next album introduced the chart-bound frivolity of Stock-Aitken-Waterman into the picture, but Bananarama in an intriguing and often excellent side trip. Important discographical curiosity: original U.S. copies of Bananarama included an extended seven-minute take of "Hot Line to Heaven." After the fall 1984 release of the single "The Wild Life" (the theme to Cameron Crowe's second movie), U.S. copies of Bananarama were altered to include the new single at the start of side two, followed by the superior single edit of "Hot Line to Heaven." ---Stewart Mason, AllMusic Review

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