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01. It's Getting Better (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) - 3:00
02. Blow Me A Kiss (Jack Carone) - 2:50
03. Sour Grapes (Tom Ghent) - 2:30
04. Easy Come, Easy Go (Jack Keller/Diane Hildebrand) - 2:45				play
05. I Can Dream, Can't I (Irving Kahal/Sammy Fain) - 2:33
06. Welcome To the World (Martin Eagle/Scott English) - 2:17
07. Lady Love (Delaney Bramlett) - 3:01
08. He's A Runner (Laura Nyro) - 3:37
09. Move In A Little Closer, Baby (Robert O'Connor/Arnold Capitanelli) - 2:38
10. When I Just Wear My Smile (T.Lane/S.Puilcy) - 2:22
11. Who's To Blame (Leah Kunkel) - 2:56										play
- "Mama Cass" Elliot – vocals
- Mike Deasy – guitar
- Ben Benay – guitar, harmonica
- Red Rhodes – steel guitar
- Joe Osborn – bass
- Hal Blaine – drums, percussion
- Phil Kaye – percussion
- Larry Knechtel – organ, piano
- Jimmie Haskell – accordion, arranger, conductor
- Steve Barri – percussion, producer


Bubblegum, Lemonade and… Something for Mama is the second solo album released by Cass Elliot. It was recorded in 1969 and arranged and produced by Steve Barri. The album was originally released on July 5, 1969 with only 11 tracks. It was released again on December 6, 1969 under a new title and with a different album cover as Make Your Own Kind of Music/It’s Getting Better. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" had just become a hit and was added to the album.

Primarily a "bubblegum" pop album, it contained several other types of music, from country, tin pan alley and jazz. The album came after the disaster of Elliot’s collapse during her Vegas show in 1968. Plagued with bills, the studio executives at Dunhill took creative control and felt that the fastest and easiest solution would be to have Elliot record an album full of music similar to what she had done with The Mamas & the Papas. Steve Barri was appointed by Dunhill to arrange the album and choose the material.

The album was a moderate success when first released reaching up to the 91st spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It landed at the 169th spot when re-released in December. The album did spawn three successful singles with "It's Getting Better" and "Make Your Own Kind of Music" both placing in the Top 40.

The songs from this album remain among the most popular of Elliot’s solo career. Many of the songs were featured in the play and 1996 film Beautiful Thing. In the film, the album can be seen hanging on the wall of the character Leah. "It’s Getting Better" and "Make Your Own Kind of Music" have both been featured on the hit series Lost.


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Cass Elliot – Dream A Little Dream (1968/2005) http://www.theblues-thatjazz.com/en/pop-miscellaneous/2892-cass-elliot-mama-cass/10586-cass-elliot-dream-a-little-dream-1968.html http://www.theblues-thatjazz.com/en/pop-miscellaneous/2892-cass-elliot-mama-cass/10586-cass-elliot-dream-a-little-dream-1968.html Cass Elliot – Dream A Little Dream (1968/2005)

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01. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Wilbur Schwandt, Fabian Andre, Gus Kahn) - 3:41
02. California Earthquake (John Hartford) - 2:41
03. The Room Nobody Lives In (John Sebastian) - 3:10
04. Talkin' To Your Toothbrush (John Simon) - 2:22			play
05. Blues For Breakfast (Richard Manuel) - 2:55
06. You Know Who I Am (Leonard Cohen) - 4:00
07. Rubber Band (Cyrus Faryar) - 3:29
08. Long Time Loving You (Stuart Scharf) - 1:57
09. Jane, The Insane Dog Lady (John Simon) - 2:02			play
10. What Was I Thinking Of (Leah Cohen) - 4:02
11. Burn Your Hatred (Graham Nash) - 2:03
12. Sweet Believer (Cyrus Faryar) - 4:56
13. Darling Be Home Soon (John Sebastian) - 3:03
14. Sisotowbell Jane (Joni Mitchell) – 3:28

- Cass Elliot - lead vocals
- Hal Blaine (01), Jim Gordon - drums
- Harvey Brooks, Joe Osborn (01) - bass
- James Burton - guitar, dobro
- Cyrus Faryar - guitar, ukulele
- John Sebastian - guitar, harmonica
- Stephen Stills - guitar, vocals
- Renais Faryar - vocals (03), voice (07)
- Paul Harris - organ, piano
- Larry Knechtel - keyboards (01)
- Brenda Holloway - backing vocals (06)
- Danny Doherty, Jill Gibson, John Phillips, Michelle Phillips, Scott McKenzie - backing vocals (01)
- The Blossoms - backing vocals (05,06)
- Plass Johnson - saxophone
- John Simon - piano, arrangements, producer


Dream a Little Dream was the first solo album by singer Cass Elliot immediately after the break-up of The Mamas & the Papas. Capitalizing on the success of her first solo song as the album's title, the record was released on October 19, 1968 by Dunhill Records. The album was re-released by MCA Japan in 2001.

Elliot's original title for the album was going to be “In the Words of My Friends” which came from the fact that nearly all the songs she chose were written by friends and family.

The album, itself, is very much of a concept album. While working with The Mamas & the Papas, Elliot felt severely limited in her desire to try different musical styles and took this album as that opportunity. The album contains touches of country, blues, rock, jazz, gospel and even a bluegrass song. When interviewed about the split, she told the Los Angeles Free Press, “I have a lot of things inside me to sing and I can’t expect the others to wait around until I have got things out of my system. It’s not that I wanted to leave the group, it’s just that I wanted to do some things on my own.”

The album was recorded in no more than ten days at Wally Heider’s studio in Los Angeles. Instead of spending countless hours doing retakes, like she had done with The Mamas & the Papas, almost every song was recorded live. With the help of Simon, Elliot was also keen to try some experimental things such as adding sound effects to most of the songs. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” was introduced at the beginning of the album with the sound of rain and a thunderstorm and then with the static of someone changing a radio station. At the end of the song, a radio DJ announces that an ensuing earthquake has hit Los Angeles as “California Earthquake” begins. Several other songs on the album lead into the next song to create the feeling that the same song is still playing.


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