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01 Remember
02 Lonely Nights
03 Straight from the Heart
04 Cuts Like a Knife
05 This Time
06 Run to You
07 Somebody
08 Heaven
09 Summer of 69
10 One Night Love Affair
11 Its Only Love
12 Heat of the Night
13 Hearts on Fire
14 Everything I Do - I Do It for You [Full Version]
15 Cant Stop This Thing We Started
16 There Will Never Be Another Tonight
17 Thought Id Died and Gone to Heaven
18 The Best of Me


19 Please Forgive Me
20 All for Love
21 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
22 Rock Steady [Live]
23 The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You
24 Lets Make a Night to Remember
25 Star
26 Back to You [Live]
27 Im Ready [Live]
28 On a Day Like Today
29 Cloud Number Nine [Chicane Mix]
30 Here I Am
31 This Side of Paradise
32 Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love
33 Open Road
34 18 Til I Die [Live]
35 When Youre Gone
36 So Far So Good
Bryan Adams - rhythm guitar, vocals, co-producer Keith Scott - lead guitar Tommy Mandel - Hammond organ Dave Taylor - bass Mickey Curry - drums Brian Stanley - bass James "Hutch" Hutchinson - bass Phil Nicholas - keyboards and programming Robbie King - Hammond organ Bill Payne - piano and Hammond organ Larry Klein - bass Ed Shearmur - keyboards The Tuck Back Twins - background vocals


Sound: This album is by far the best Bryan Adams album of all times. It's basically a greatest hits album. Some of the songs on this album are live and those songs are just unbelievable.I wasn't a big Bryan Adams fan until I got this CD and said hey I know that song or hey that song is totally awesome. These songs aren't very hard to play on guitar and almost everybody knows them. They make great campfire songs you can't go wrong with this album it cuts like a knife.

Lyrics: The lyrics are great just as another Bryan Adams CD is. What really impresses me is how the music blends with the actual music it's a master piece and the harmony in the song When You Gone is to die for the notes are so perfect that it sounds like one person. The singing skill that Bryan Adams has acquired is really amazing it hard to sing all raspy like that. When I took vocal lessons they told me not to sing like that because it was bad for my vocal cords so now I cant, but Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi have taken this to a whole new level singing wise with this CD you can't go wrong.

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this CD is great. Some songs I would recommend is Cuts Like A Knife, When You're Gone, Summer Of '69 and One A Day Like Today those three song show the best of Bryan Adams and his song writing ability. There are some song that aren't as good as the rest but hey all you're hits can't be great. All I have to say is that if you get a chance to buy this album get it you wont be sorry I wouldn't write this review so great if I didn't truly believe it when I don't like something I'll say it look at my review on the Washburn WV16. ---ultimate-guitar.com


Polecam ten album z czystym sumieniem. Jest to zestawienie najlepszych utworów w dotychczasowej karierze Bryana Adamsa. Wielką zaletą jest fakt, iż w zestawieniu znalazły się utwory bardzo różnorodne. Można zatem posłuchać piosenek bardziej nastrojowych, gdzie charakterystyczny głos wokalisty kontrastuje z delikatnym brzmieniem, jak również utworów dynamicznych, jak dla mnie - idealnych do podróży samochodem :) Doskonale słychać jak przez lata kariery muzyka Bryana Adamsa delikatnie zmieniała brzmienie. Nie można tu mówić o rewolucyjnych skokach stylistycznych, a raczej o zataczaniu kręgów. Według wielu krytyków jest to błąd, ale według mnie i milionów wiernych fanów jest wręcz odwrotnie. W każdym utworze to barwa głosu artysty, bardzo rzadka zresztą, wiedzie prym. Linie melodyczne są tak skonstruowane, że nic nie zakłóca pięknego męskiego wokalu. Niezwykłym atutem w muzyce Adamsa jest wykorzystywanie żywych instrumentów tzn. nie opieranie się wyłącznie na elektronice. Album będzie idealny zarówno dla wiernych fanów artysty jak również dla osób, które jeszcze go nie znają. Polecam!!! ---empik.com

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Bryan Adams - Bare Bones (2010) http://www.theblues-thatjazz.com/en/pop-miscellaneous/1499-bryan-adams/7417-bryan-adams-bare-bones-2010.html http://www.theblues-thatjazz.com/en/pop-miscellaneous/1499-bryan-adams/7417-bryan-adams-bare-bones-2010.html Bryan Adams - Bare Bones (2010)

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1. You've Been A Friend To Me
2. Here I Am
3. I'm Ready
4. Night To Remember
5. It Ain't A Party (If You Can't Come 'Round)
6. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
7. Cuts Like A Knife
8. Please Forgive Me
9. Summer Of '69
10. Walk On By
11. Cloud Number 9
12. It's Only Love
13. Heaven
14. Right Place play
15. The Way You Make Me
16. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You play
17. You're Still Beautiful To Me
18. Straight From The Heart
19. I Still Miss You...A Little Bit
20. All For Love
Bryan Adams - vocals, guitar, harmonica Gary Breit - piano


Inspiration can sometimes take a while to strike. Take Bryan Adams, for instance. Some 13 years after he cut an MTV Unplugged album, Adams decided to once again strip down his songs to acoustic, to take them down to their Bare Bones, to coin a phrase that’s used for the title of this 2010 collection. Culled from performances from his 2010 North American tour, Bare Bones doesn’t skimp on the hits but it does dig deep into his catalog, possibly due to Adams soliciting song suggestions via Twitter, a move that also indicates how this intimate performance is geared toward fans who have stuck with him through the years. Certainly, they’re the audience who will appreciate the subtle rearrangements and surprise songs but the thing is, listeners how long ago stopped paying attention to Adams due to the over-calculation of his studio records or the spectacle of his live show will find this his most appealing set in years. Backed by just his acoustic guitar and sometimes a piano, Adams sounds lean, his voice wearing handsomely, his charm put to the forefront. This setting turns such slick also-rans as “Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You” into a fun little rocker and reveals the strong bones of such perennials as “Cuts Like a Knife” and “Summer of 69,” making his body of work seem consistent in a way no hits compilation has managed. ---Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi/p>


Nowa płyta Bryana Adamsa „Bare Bones” została zarejestrowana na żywo wiosną tego roku w trakcie ostatniej trasy koncertowej artysty. Płytę wypełniło dwadzieścia utworów kanadyjskiego wokalisty w wersjach akustycznych wybrane z całej trzydziestoletniej kariery (m.in.: jego największe przeboje: „Summer Of 69”, „(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”, „It’s Only Love”, „Heaven” i „All For Love”). Bryan Adams: „Pomysł na te koncerty zrodził się, już w 2008. Chciałem wrócić do takiego skromnego grania ponieważ wszystkie moje piosenki rodziły się w pustym pokoju, przy akompaniamencie gitary akustycznej”. Na trasie „Bare Bones” Bryanowi towarzyszył jedynie pianista Gary Breit.

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