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Disc 1

1 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Symphony	2:41 	
2 Part I: Recitative: Adriano mio sposo (Natalia, San Adriano)	1:44 	
3 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Aria: Fede insana con opre d'inganno (San Adriano)	2:38 	
4 Part I: Recitative: Tergi su le tue luci (Natalia, Claudio) Recitative 		0:59 	
5 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Aria: Dovresti or, che sereno (Claudio)	1:56 	
6 Part I: Recitative: Claudio Claudio deh taci (San Adriano, Claudio)	1:33 	
7 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Aria: Mio Signor, che nel Bosco, e nel Prato (Natalia)	4:15 	
8 Part I: Recitative: Dunque cosi tradisci (Massimiano, San Adriano)	1:59 	
9 Part I: Aria: Più non m'ingombri il petto (Massimiano)		4:24 	
10 Part I: Recitative: Ecco l'atra prigione (Claudio, San Adriano)		2:19 	
11 Part I: Aria: Lagrima l'alma mia (San Adriano)	4:36 	
12 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Recitative: Che risolve Adriano? (Massimiano, Claudio)	1:02 	
13 Part I: Aria: Giove all'hor, che dal suo Trono (Claudio)	2:06 	
14 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Recitative: Sovvengati, che molto (Claudio, Massimiano)	1:22 	
15 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Aria: Se forza d'amore (Massimiano)	4:42 	
16 Part I: Recitative: Nel suo dubbio profondo (Claudio, Natalia)	0:57 	
17 Part I: Aria: Liberta! chi non ti prezza (Claudio)	1:59 	
18 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Recitative: Quanto o quanto gioisco (Natalia)	0:36 	
19 Sant'Adriano: Part I: Aria: Non mi togliere amata consorte (San Adriano)	3:10 	
20 Part I: Recitative: Sieno sol d'Adriano (San Adriano, Natalia)	1:09 	
21 Part I: Aria: Crudelissime catene (Natalia)	2:18 	
22 Part I: Recitative: L'istessa liberta (Natalia, San Adriano)	1:41 	
23 Part I: Aria: Duet: Bella/Caro se ver, che m'ami (San Adriano, Natalia)	5:56 	
Disc 2

1 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Symphony	1:01 	
2 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Recitative: E non scorgesti ancora (Claudio, San Adriano)   2:56 	
3 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Aria: Come lagrima il cigno dolente (San Adriano)	5:22 	
4 Part II: Recitative: Del suo perfido error ne l'ombra immensa (Massimiano, Claudio)	1:28 	
5 Part II: Aria: Ombre de neri chiostri (Massimiano)	1:50 	
6 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Recitative: Io parto e tu mio fido (Massimiano, Claudio, Natalia)	1:27 	
7 Part II: Aria: Caro Dio si dolce sei (Natalia)	4:44 	
8 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Recitative: Adriano a te vengo (Claudio, San Adriano)	2:10 	
9 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Aria: Quando ride ameno il maggio (Claudio)	2:02 	
10 Part II: Recitative: Cieli che miro? oh Dio! (Natalia, San Adriano)	4:17 	
11 Part II: Aria: La speme mi dice (San Adriano)	3:21 	
12 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Recitative: Va pur lieto a morire (Natalia, San Adriano)	0:54 	
13 Sant'Adriano: Part II: Aria: Strano amore di fida consorte (Natalia)	2:59 	
14 Part II: Recitative: Ecco Adrian, che riede (San Adriano, Claudio)	0:33 	
15 Part II: Aria: A punir il tuo folle ardimento (Claudio)	2:02 	
16 Part II: Recitative: Con atroci tormenti (Claudio, Massimiano, San Adriano, Natalia)	1:01 	
17 Part II: Aria: Languisci e mori - Son dolci al core - Col suo valore (Claudio, Massimiano, San Adriano, Natalia)	2:54

San Adriano - Alessandro Carmigiani [alto]
Natalia - Patrizia Vaccari [soprano]
Claudio - Gianluca Ferrarini tenor]
Massimiano - Sergio Foresti [bass]

Compagnia de Musici
Francesco Baroni - conductor


In the final decade of the 17th century, composer Francesco Antonio Pistocchi enjoyed international acclaim as a countertenor, particularly in the performance of his own works. Pistocchi sang the part of Adrian in the 1692 debut of his masterful Il Martirio di San Adriano ("The Martyrdom of St. Adrian"), an oratorio for four voices composed to honor a duke's wedding. In this beautiful recording, alto Alessandro Carmigiani performs the role of the 3rd-century AD Roman officer who accepted the emperor's death sentence rather than renounce his faith. ---


During his lifetime, Francesco Antonio Pistocchi (1659-1726) was, as an alto castrato, a renowned singer who occasionally composed roles for himself in works of his own. This must have been the case in this oratorio about the martyrdom of Saint Hadrian: the role of Hadrian is sung by an alto. As rich in effects as it is in atmosphere, this oratorio appears to have been thoroughly successful in its time. In addition to Pistocchi's home city of Parma, his work also received contemporary performances in Venice and in Germany.

In terms of content, the oratorio refers to the legend of Saint Hadrian: as a captain in the Roman army, Adriano is forced to persecute Christians. Their steadfastness converts him, however, leading him to his own martyrdom. Standing by him is his wife Natalia, who had already converted to Christianity, whilst his good friend Claudio, on behalf of the Emperor Massimiano, tries to dissuade him from his new faith. Adriano is tortured and finally dies the death of a martyr.

"Not only as regards the elegance of his melodies, but also by virtue of the richness of his harmonic progressions, Francesco Antonio Pistocchi (1659-1726) is indeed the equal of his more famous contemporary, Alessandro Scarlatti. His oratorio is presented here, almost optimally, by Francesco Baroni in a remarkably sensitive, subtle and devoted interpretation." ---FonoForum 11 / 02,

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