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0:00:00 . One Step Closer [Gunshot Intro #1]
0:03:29 . Lying From You
0:11:12 . Somewhere I Belong
0:15:14 . No More Sorrow [Brad Tease Intro]
0:19:26 . Papercut [Long Intro]
0:23:13 . From The Inside
0:26:48 . Numb
0:30:39 . Keyboard Transition Outro
0:31:07 . Pushing Me Away [Piano Version]
0:34:21 . Breaking The Habit [Piano Intro]
0:39:10 . Crawling
0:42:40 . Mike's Speech
0:45:15 . In The End
0:49:55 . Bleed It Out [Ext. Bridge w/ Sing-along]
0:53:35 . The Little Things Give You Away
1:00:13 . What I've Done [Album Transition Intro]
1:04:53 . Faint [Ext. Outro]

    Chester Bennington 
    Rob Bourdon 
    Brad Delson 
    Dave "Phoenix" Farrell 
    Joe Hahn 
    Mike Shinoda 

Recorded Live At Makuhari Messe,
Tokyo, Japan, 7 July 2007


Show Notes:

'Points Of Authority', 'Given Up', 'Don't Stay', and 'Leave Out All The Rest' were not played. It is unknown whether the barricade incident caused them to be dropped from the setlist or if they weren't on the setlist to begin with.

After 'Lying From You', rowdy fans broke through the barricade at the front of the stage causing a 20 minute delay in the show. During the break, the band messed around and danced to music and Mr. Hahn scratched over a few beats.

After 'Crawling', Mike took a minute to speak to the crowd in both Japanese and English. He gave a short speech about Live Earth, Projekt Revolution, and announced to the crowd the band's upcoming November tour in Japan.

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Rihanna - Rock In Rio 2011 Rihanna - Rock In Rio 2011

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01. Intro + Only Girl (In The World)
02. Disturbia
03. Shut Up And Drive
04. Man Down
05. S&M
06. Raining Men								
07. Hard
08. Run This Town + Live Your Life
09. Unfaithful
10. Te Amo
11. California King Bed
12. Pon De Replay (Intro) + What’s My Name
13. Rude Boy								
14. Cheers (Drink To That)
15. Don’t Stop The Music
16. Love The Way You Lie (Pt. 02)
17. Umbrella + Final

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Concours Musical International de Montréal 2017 - Gala Concert Concours Musical International de Montréal 2017 - Gala Concert

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1. Antonin Dvořák : Carnival Ouverture, Op. 92

Jean Sibelius : Violin Concerto in D Minor, Op. 47
2.  1. Allegro moderato

Minami Yoshida – violin

Dmitri Shostakovich : Concerto no 1, op. 99
3. 3. Passacaglia
4. 4. Burlesque

Bomsori Kim – violin

5. John Williams : Theme From Schindler's List

Mark Bushkov - violin

Jean Sibelius : Violin Concerto in D Minor, Op. 47
6. 1. Allegro moderato
7. 2. Adagio di molto
8. 3. Allegro ma non tanto

Ayana Tsuji – violin

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal
Giancarlo Guerrero -  conductor


The mission of the Concours musical international de Montréal is to discover and support young singers, violinists and pianists who demonstrate exceptional mastery of their art. The CMIM is the only international competition in North America to be held annually and to present three disciplines in a three-year rotation. Since its first edition dedicated to voice in 2002, more than 2,500 hopefuls have entered the Competition and over 400 have performed in Montreal, much to the delight of music lovers. ---

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Ouverture Spirituelle - Mozart & Schubert (Claudio Abbado) [2016] Ouverture Spirituelle - Mozart & Schubert (Claudio Abbado) [2016]

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1. Mozart: Mass in C minor, K. 139 "Waisenhausmesse" (Orphanage Mass)
2. Schubert: Mass in E flat major, D. 950

Rachel Harnisch (Sopran)
Roberta Invernizzi (Sopran)
Sara Mingardo (Mezzosopran)
Javier Camarena (Tenor)
Paolo Fanale (Tenor)
Alex Esposito (Bass)

Arnold Schoenberg Chor
Orchestra Mozart Bologna
Claudio Abbado (Conductor)

Recorded at the Salzburg Festival in the Haus für Mozart.

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Karol Szymanowski – King Roger (2015) Karol Szymanowski – King Roger (2015)

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1. Król Roger (King Roger)	1:31:13

Król Roger II - Mariusz Kwiecień
Shepherd - Saimir Pirgu
Roxana - Georgia Jarman
Edrisi - Kim Begley
Archbishop - Alan Ewing
Deaconess - Agnes Zwierko
Royal Opera Chorus
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Conductor - Antonio Pappano 

Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 19 May 2015


The Story.

A mysterious Shepherd is brought before King Roger. The Church officials want him punished for his heretical preaching, but Roger's queen Roxana pleads with the king to let the Shepherd speak first.

The Shepherd seduces the court with descriptions of his hedonistic faith. They follow him in a wild Bacchic dance, Roxana among them. As the long night ends, Roger seeks out the Shepherd and his followers. He is agonized by the temptation to follow them, but resists. Alone, he hails the new dawn. ---


Polish composer Karol Szymanowski began to gather ideas for Król Roger (King Roger), his second and final opera, in 1918. He was in part inspired by Euripides' The Bacchae, in which King Pentheus attempts to suppress the hedonistic worship of Bacchus but ultimately succumbs to his temptation and is destroyed in a bloody frenzy. Szymanowski's cousin, the poet Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, provided the original libretto; but in Szymanowski's arduous six-year gestation of the piece he altered the third act. His King Roger instead becomes a Nietzschean hero, who resists his desire and emerges 'strong enough for freedom'. But the focus of the opera is Roger's agonizing indecision – and the glorious music of the Act II Bacchic dance leaves a profound impression of the power of sensual temptation.

Szymanowski's music for the opera is opulently scored. The three short acts – commonly called the Byzantine, the Oriental and the Hellenic – brilliantly incorporate distinct musical styles. There are passages of exquisite lyricism, such as Roxana's soaring Act II aria, alongside thrilling writing for the chorus. Kasper Holten's new production (The Royal Opera's first) finds in Roger's indecision an expression of the struggle we all face – the struggle between intelligence and instinct in what is the innate duality of human nature. ---

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Weihnachten in aller Welt 2016 Weihnachten in aller Welt 2016

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Johann Sebastian Bach
1.„Jauchzet frohlocket"

2.O du fröhliche / O sanctissima

Giacomo Puccini
3.Sogno d'or

S. Coleridge Taylor
4.Christmas Ouvertüre

Adolphe Adam
5.„Cantique de Noël"

Gustaf Nordqvist
6.Jul, jul

7.Adorar al nino

Morten Lauridsen
8.„Magnun mysterium"

Howard Arman
9.Gospel-Medley "It's a Birthday" & "Wasn't that a mighty day"

Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks    
Münchner Rundfunkorchester
Dirigent  -  Howard Arman 

2016, Hilpoltstein, Stadtpfarrkirche St. Johannes der Täufer

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Wagner – Tristan and Isolde (Roma 2016) Wagner – Tristan and Isolde (Roma 2016)

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ACT I 1,25 h - ACT II 1,25 h - ACT III 1,20 h

Tristan - Andreas Schager
King Marke - John Relyea
Isolde - Rachel Nicholls
Kurwenal - Brett Polegato
Melot - Andrew Rees
Brangäne - Michelle Breedt
A sheppherd - Gregory Bonfatti
A steersman - Gianfranco Montresor
a voice of a young sailor Rainer Trost

Orchestra and  Chorus of The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Daniele Gatti – conductor

Rai 5, Novembre 2016



Act One

The scene is laid on board Tristan’s ship, during the crossing from Ireland to Cornwall.

Isolde is on the deck of the ship which is carrying her from Ireland to Cornwall. She is the prisoner of Tristan, who is escorting her to his uncle, King Marke, whom she is to marry. Isolde bristles with rage when she hears a sailor singing a song about an «Irish virgin», for she considers his taunting words an insult to her royal lineage. When her attendant, Brangäne, tells her that the ship is approaching Cornwall, Isolde vents her anger at her people for having yielded to the enemy in such a cowardly way. In the second scene, Tristan is standing on the ship’s deck, moodily contemplating the sea, with his loyal squire, Kurwenal, beside him. Isolde orders Brangäne to summon Tristan to her quarters to pay his respects. Tristan refuses, and Kurwenal explains why: Tristan has heroically slain Isolde’s former betrothed, the tyrannical Irishman Morold who, after conquering Cornwall (homeland of Tristan and King Marke), had crippled the populace with high taxes. Now that Morold is dead, Tristan is taking Isolde to King Marke as a token of his victory.

Angered by Kurwenal’s insolent manner, Isolde rails against Tristan and his retinue. She tells Brangäne how a small ship, bearing a gravely wounded man, had landed on Irish shores and that, having inherited her mother’s magic potions, she was asked to take care of him. Realising that the man was Tristan, Isolde’s initial plan had been to kill him; but the look in his eyes had stirred up a mixture of attraction and pity in her heart, and she had instead nursed him back to health. His strength restored, Tristan had departed, only to return soon afterwards to convey the Irish princess to be the bride ok King Marke, a mere vassal.

After ending her tale, Isolde flares up anew at the recollection of Tristan’s unjust and arrogant behaviour, and resolves to take her revenge on him. She will invite him to drink a toast to their reconciliation – but the cup of friendship will in fact contain poison.

The ship is nearing the coast, and Kurwenal tells the women to prepare to go ashore. Isolde asks the squire to send Tristan to her, so that they may drink to the end of their strife. But Brangäne, unable to bring herself to comply with Isolde wishes, has substituted a love potion for the poison. As soon as they drink the potion, the couple are overwhelmingly drawn to each other.

Dizzy with longing, Tristan and Isolde ecstatically exchange endearments while, in the background, a loud fanfare and the jubilant cries of the crowd proclaim their arrival in Cornwall.


Act Two

King Marke’s castle in Cornwall.

It is a summer’s night, and the air is full of magic. Isolde is in the garden of King Marke’s castle, awaiting Tristan’s arrival with mounting excitement. King Marke and his courtiers are out hunting, and the sound of their bugles echoes in the distance. Brangäne warns Isolde to be cautious and, above all, to beware of the treacherous Melot, who is secretly in love with her. Melot has organised the hunting party to persuade King Marke to leave the castle, knowing full well that on his return he will catch the lovers together.

Isolde brusquely dismisses her suspicion as unfounded, and extinguishes the torch burning on the castle wall, thereby signalling to Tristan that they can meet in safety. Isolde can scarcely conceal her growing desire as she impatiently awaits her lover. At long last, Tristan emerges from the dark, protective cloak of night. Falling rapturously into each other’s arms, they launch into a majestic duet, a song of praise to the night – the kingdom of nothingness and of love, contrasting with the hostile, faithless day. As they reach the height of ecstasy, Brangäne shouts from her watching place that King Marke is approaching. The courtiers, led by Melot and King Marke, burst in and discover the lovers locked in an embrace. Deeply wounded by his nephew’s betrayal, King Marke demands an explanation for his outrageous behaviour. Tristan does not answer; swept away by passion, he has banished all thoughts of the world and of his very honour, and he begs Isolde to follow him into the kingdom of night. Wildly jealous, Melot challenges Tristan to a duel, and the two men draw their swords. Tristan heroically bares his breast, into it his foe immediately thrusts his weapon.


Act Three

Tristan’s castle in Brittany.

Mortally wounded, Tristan lies at the foot of a huge tree, attended by the faithful Kurwenal. A shepherd plays a melancholy strain on his pipe. Kurwenal asks the shepherd to keep watch for Isolde’s ship, and to play a cheerful melody as soon as it comes into sight. At the sound of Kurwenal’s voice, Tristan slowly regains consciousness. Lapsing into a trancelike state, he sings out in praise of the realm of night, which by now has claimed him, but revives briefly at the prospect of Isolde’s arrival. He curses the glimmering torch which keeps the lovers apart, barring them from finding eternal joy in the sphere of darkness and nothingness. Burning with fever, Tristan is convinced that Isolde’s ship is drawing towards the coast. He questions Kurwenal excitedly, only to be answered by the plaintive sound of the shepherd’s pipe. Tristan recalls hearing the same tune as a boy, when his parents died; suddenly, he is blinded by a vision of Isolde sweeping through the waves to join him. The shepherd’s pipe gives out a lively melody, announcing that Isolde’s ship is landing. Isolde rushes toward Tristan who, desperate to be reunited with his loved one, frenziedly tears the bandages from his wound. But when Isolde finally reaches him, he dies in her arms.

Brangäne appears, followed by Melot, whom Kurwenal kills. Also King Marke enters: having been informed of the exchange of potions, he intends to pardon the lovers. Instead, he is greeted with a chilling scene that fills him with despair. Isolde, no longer aware of what is happening, yearns only to join Tristan in the kingdom of night. In a prolonged final monologue, she is transfigured. As Isolde sinks lifeless over her lover’s body, a pure, peaceful note rings out, highlighting the tragic conclusion of the opera.

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Wladyslaw Zelenski – Goplana (Warsaw 2016) Wladyslaw Zelenski – Goplana 2016

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1. Goplana: Act I-II & III		2:20:03

Edyta Piasecka - Goplana
Karolina Sołomin - Skierka
Anna Bernacka - Pixie
Katarzyna Trylnik - Alina
Wioletta Chodowicz - Balladyna
Małgorzata Walewska - Veuve
Arnold Rutkowski - Kirkor
Rafał Bartmiński - Grabiec
Mariusz Godlewski - Kostryn
Jan Żądło - Halberdier
Remy Lamping – Danseur

Chorus of Polish National Opera
Orchestra of Polish National Opera
Grzegorz Nowak – conductor

Opera in three acts
Libretto: Ludomił German after Balladyna by Juliusz Słowacki
In the original Polish


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Gossec - Messe des Morts (2013) Gossec - Messe des Morts (2013)

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Chantal Santon (soprano)
Emiliano Gonzalez-Toro (tenor)
Arnaud Richard (baryton)

Ensemble Les Siècles
François-Xavier Roth – conductor

Enregistré le 17 octobre 2013 à la Chapelle Royale du Château de Versailles


Gossec est sans contredit l’un des plus grands visionnaires du Siècle des Lumières.

Dès 1760, il signe une Grande Messe des morts dont l’ampleur, l’intensité et le souffle préfigurent tout ce que le XIXe siècle aura de plus ambitieux. On tient d’ailleurs l’œuvre pour le modèle du Requiem de Berlioz, dont il s’apparente à maints égards. Incontestablement, une des expériences les plus inouïes du règne de Louis XV.

Le brio de François-Xavier Roth et de son orchestre virtuose donneront le meilleur du chef d’œuvre choral de Gossec. ---

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And This Is Free: The Life and Times of Chicago's Legendary Maxwell St. 1964 (2008) And This Is Free: The Life and Times of Chicago's Legendary Maxwell St. 1964 (2008)

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This is the legendary 50 minute DVD of life on Maxwell Street filmed in 1964 by Mike Shea using a newfangled hand-held-camera-with-portable-sound-gear. This revolutionary new equipment got him right into the heart of the matter; zooming up into the faces of gospel singers, incense hucksters and jivers, sidewalk preachers and stall-holders - and the man selling the World's Smallest Saxaphone...

He captured performances from street singers like Arvella Gray wandering among the crowds slashing out notes from his National steel guitar, the Jim Brewer Group wailing out gospel and Carrie Robinson and friends stomping out some weird boogaloo dance. Then there's a great scene made during a backyard get-together where a band plug in their electric guitars and bash out the blues while the place fills with folks getting smashed. Shea even catches recording stars Johnny Young and Robert Nighthawk cranking out the blues on the side walk!

This is a film you'll watch again and again. A fascinating, historical documentary, perfectly described in its 36 page booklet as preserving "a stunning visual record of a place and time that we'll never see again". And if this isn't enough, it is followed by Shuli Eshel's 30 minute documentary "Maxwell Street-A Living Memory" which captures the essence of the Jewish influence on the street. It was the eastern European Jewish immigrants who built the street, developing it into America's largest open-air market long before Afro-Americans moved up from the Deep South.

The DVD finishes with a photo show of vintage shots of the street, rare footage of Casey Jones, Daddy Stovepipe, Arvella Gray, travelogues and finally, an interview on the making of "And This Is Free" with sound recordist Gordon Quinn.

The CD compliments the DVD by giving us the real tough, uninhibited sound of Maxwell Street in its heyday, featuring street singers from the 20s, fresh faced country blues singers who arrived in Chicago in the 30s and 40s, and pioneers of the new electric sound that appeared on a myriad of labels in the 50s and 60s. Some were actually recorded right there on the street.

Beautifully packaged with a juicy, fact filled booklet and facsimile Maxwell Street Market Permit to complete this terrific et - it's exactly the kind of stuff us blues connoisseurs go crazy for. Wow!

Set: JB Hutto: Pet Cream Man, Floyd Jones: Dark Road, Baby Face Leroy Trio (with Muddy/Little Walter): Rollin' And Tumblin' Parts 1&2, Snooky Prior: Cryin' Shame, Robert Nighthawk: Prowling Night Hawk, Arvella Gray: John Henry: Johnny Young: Money Talking Woman, Big John Wrencher: Maxwell Street Alley Blues, Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah: The Spasm, Johnny Williams: Worried Man Blues, John Lee Granderson; Hard Luck John, John Henry Barbee; Against My Will, Boll Weavil: Christmas Time Blues, Papa Charlie Jackson: Maxwell Street Blues, Jimmy Rogers & Little Walter: Little Store Blues, Blind Percy And His Blind Band; Fourteenth Street Blues.

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