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Vol. 1 	
1. Let The Love In 	
2. Set Us Free 	
3. Daydream Tonight (Live at Lion';s Share) 	
4. King Of New Mexico 	
5. Were You There 	
6. Ruby Electric 	

Vol. 2 (Live) 	
7. Helios 	
8. One Foot In The Grave 	
9. Powerful Thing 	
10. Slipaway 	
11. Alchemy 	
12. Take You Away 	
13. Angels Live Inside 	
14. Cinnamon Girl / I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Philip Sayce – vocals, guitar, bass
James Sayce – vocals, guitar (3)
Dave Cobb – bass (2)
Kenny Aronoff – drums (1,2,4,6)
Fred Mandel – organ (1,3)
Melissa Etheridge – vocals (1)
Roger Bueno – drums (3,5)
Joey K. – drums (5)
Joel Gottschalk – bass, vocals (7-14)
Fritz Lewak – drums, vocals (7-14) 


Ruby Electric is the album from guitarist Philip Sayce, and is the follow up to 2010’s Innerevolution. Ruby Electric is split in two volumes. Volume 1 features five studio tracks and one live track, “Daydream Tonight.” Volume 2 consists of eight tracks recorded live on tour in France, Germany, and Holland in 2010.

Volume 1 begins with the sizzling “Let The Love In” featuring Melissa Etheridge. Sayce toured with Etheridge’s band for years prior to his solo career and that chemistry shows as “Let The Love In” is one of Ruby Electric’s standout tracks. Volume 1 continues with the upbeat “Set Us Free,” a live version of “Daydream Tonight,” and three more studio tracks, “King of New Mexico,” “Were You There,” and the title track.

Volume 2 kicks off with “Helios,” which rolls into an adrenaline pumping rendition of “One Foot In The Grave,” followed by “Powerful Thing” and “Slipaway.” Then Sayce delivers the beautiful instrumental “Alchemy” before bringing back the rock with “Take You Away.” The album closes with “Angels Live Inside” and an energetic performance of “Cinnamon Girl/I Want You.”

Philip Sayce has delivered once again with Ruby Electric. Not only is Sayce one of the finest blues rock acts going today, he is one of the best acts around period. If the next studio album is anything close to Innerevolution and Ruby Electric we are in store for something special. ---

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Philip Sayce - Steamroller (2012) Philip Sayce - Steamroller (2012)

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1 	Steamroller 	
2 	Stung By A Woman 	
3 	Marigold 	
4 	Rhythm And Truth 	
5 	Black Train 	
6 	Beautiful 	
7 	Holding On 	
8 	A Mystic 	
9 	The Bull 	
10 	Aberstwyth


When a musician strives to find depth in his soul, inspiration will emerge, and a fresh, authentic, personal interpretation of reality is born. Canadian six-string guitarist Philip Sayce has experienced such a transformation, igniting passion in his soul to discover his artistic self. Ambitious desire to translate unique perspective with intensity and honest emotion fueled Sayce’s fourth album, Steamroller, which is the representation of “being real and getting in touch with your own self-power, and celebrating life.”

Choosing to record Steamroller live at the Chathum County Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Sayce navigated his vision by enlisting longtime friend and Grammy-nominated producer David Cobb. It was Cobb’s insistent sonic approach, blended with Sayce’s keen ability to write songs precisely tailored for the contrasting voices of his guitar, that grants this blistering 70s-infused-riff-rock and soulful-bluesy-funk album permission to kick some ass, live with purpose, make sweet love and rock out all night long! Once Provogue Records released this personal masterpiece in Europe 2012 and worldwide 2013, it was evident Cobb and Sayce’s collaboration was a success. Steamroller quickly rolled onto the iTunes Top 10 Blues list.

From the strike of the very first chord, first single and title track, “Steamroller” explodes with a wave of sexual energy, immediately penetrating the listener with an aphrodisiac-enhanced sensory overload. Sayce’s steamy vocals call out like wild-animal-emitting pheromones to attract a mate and vigorously grind into the seductive arrangement of monstrous riffs and bluesy rhythms. The pleasurable and salaciously charged effect is quite addictive, leaving the body vibrant with eroticism.

In contrast, “Stung by a Woman” is playfully constructed with a groovy rhythm, enticing anyone overhearing the song to strum their own air guitar. The descriptive lyrics magnify the not-so-pleasant aspects of relationships. I guess some people rather enjoy the sting.

As a striking difference to the harder hitting tracks, “Marigold,” a song dedicated to Sayce’s wife, and “Beautiful” are the ballads on the album. Sayce’s use of falsetto is impressive and reveals a sense of longing and desperation anchored in his lyrics, which also compliment the slower finesse picking and desire-saturated riffs. The layered mellotron sounds in “Marigold” carry a whimsical harmony of earthly vintage tones, while “Beautiful” is soulful, with a smooth rhythm and sharp slides.

Sayce embraces his positive approach to life in “Holding On,” one of my personal favorites. Purposefully belting out such lyrics as, “Make every moment, don’t throw it away…turn it into something good,” supporting the concept of self-empowerment and living life to its fullest potential. The composition exposes Sayce’s vocal versatility, while intensifying the hook. “A Mystic” is twisty, trippy and a constant tempo-changer. A kickass drum beat accompanied by hazy stoner vocals carry the majestic tune through its bends and trills.

The powerhouse stomper is “The Bull.” Heavy infused rhythm and dramatic fuzz-groove are pinned with lyrics such as “when you fuck with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns.” The intrusive roaring drums, crying bass and screaming guitar assault the senses as Sayce reaches for a climax of wah-wahs during his guitar solo. Max out the volume, which is also highly recommended for the rock anthems, “Rhythm & Truth” and “Black Train,” another personal favorite. The guitar breaks and 30-second notes are incredible, guaranteed to leave a permanent impression.

In the final track, Sayce pays homage to his Welsh family roots with an instrumental track, “Aberystwyth,” the city where he was born. The story is articulated with a daunting vibrato and finishes with perfect powerful feedback.

Steamroller is an crafted work of art, delivering a passionate ‘self-power’ message charged with authority, maturity and wit. It seems that Philip Sayce has spent much of his music career flying under the mainstream radar. Not this time. Steamroller may very well be the breakthrough album to expose his unquestionable creative talent, finally promoting him to the ranks of a modern guitar legend. --- Nicole Shaw Monasterio,

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