The California Honeydrops - Like You Mean It! (2013)

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The California Honeydrops - Like You Mean It! (2013)

01. Here Comes Love 04:20
02. Like This, Like That 04:14
03. Carolina Peach 04:56
04. All Day, All Night 02:11
05. Like You Mean It 04:43
06. Just Another Day 05:26
07. Just Because 04:37
08. Prayer (Interlude) 00:56
09. Other Shore 03:29
10. In Your Power 04:43
11. Got The Feeling 04:40
12. Bedside Window 02:34
13. Baby Boy’s Blues 04:37

Lech Wierzynski (vocals, trumpet, guitar, keys)
Benjamin Malament (drums, percussion, vocals)
Yanos "Johnny Bones" Lustig (saxophones, clarinet)
Charlie Hickox (keys, vocals)


Their most cohesive work to date, Like You Mean It, rearticulates the classical styles that shaped American music. The Honeydrops capture the sundry rays of country, blues, gospel, and soul; and as if through stained glass, the coalescence of their influences casts an enriched and inspired aura. Ranging from melodica to tenor sax, they fuse a variety of musical textures, bringing forth an innovative sound reminiscent of the street parties and parades of New Orleans.

Their performances bring a diversity of people together, cultivating a vibrant and jubilant melting pot comprised of a loyal and ever expanding family of fans. Because their musical philosophy is rooted in the beauty of shared experience, their performances kindle a sense of community replete with laughter, spontaneity, porch-floor foot tappin’, and the soulful swing of a dance floor enflamed. They posses an impromptu quality that invites the audience to shake their inhibitions, embrace spontaneity, and truly become a part of the music.

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