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1.Keep On Walking (Live)	4:34
2.You Upset Me Baby (Live)	4:49
3.Ain't Gonna Lose You Yet! (Live)	5:35
4.Old Man Joe (Live)	4:32
5.Meet Me Halfway (Live)	4:07
6.American Boy (Live)	8:06
7.Good Enough (Live)	3:44
8.Day By Day (Live)	5:11
9. 99 Problems (Live)	7:15
10.Another Time, Another Place (Live)	8:35
11.Good Morning Little School Girl (Live)	9:27

John Pagano - Electric Guitar, vocals, lapsteel
Shiloh Bloodworth - Drums
Tony Honsi – Bass 
Truett Lollis - Guitar on track 10


JP Blues is, in essence, John "JP Blues" Pagano...a man who is described by many as "being at one with his guitar." A classic blues rocker who approaches everything he does with a passion, JP does nothing at less than straight-ahead 100%, a fact that is demonstrated on this, his latest release, which is available in digital format only. At their shows the album will be available on a digital download card which will also include their two previous releases, "I Will Not Go Quietly" and "Make Room At The Table"...a great deal any way you look at it. Live at Darwin's was recorded, ironically enough at John's 25th birthday, at the legendary Darwin's Burgers and Blues, in Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of John Pagano on guitar and vocals, Shiloh Bloodworth on drums, Tony Hossri on bass and a special appearance by Truett Lollis on guitar on track 11. Pouring everything they have into this recording, one of the things that make this band special, they went through tune after tune, style after style, never missing a beat. This is a diverse band, well-versed in many blues styles and playing each with both power and passion. John began playing at an early age, and was noticed by Sam "Bluzman" Taylor, who took him under his wing and taught him the basics. He went on to either play with or open for many of the greatest in the business including Chris Beard, Debbie Davies, Buddy Cage, Sam "Bluzman" Taylor, Derek Trucks, Johnny Winter, Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa and more. Like a sponge, Pagano soaked up everything he could and incorporated it into his own style. The result is, as you can clearly see, incredible. His playing is powerful and passionate. One of the performers who plays from the heart, his work drips with emotional power, cutting straight through to the heart of the listener, making him a powerful live performer. All too often, technicians do not capture the power of the moment but, in this particular case, the magic is captured and the listener, if they had the pleasure of catching the performance live, can relive the experience in all its splendor. Noticing the talent, Epiphone Guitars asked him to be one of their endorsed artists in 2015. It should be noted that this is a "digital release" only. It is powerful, overflowing with passion and one of the finest live recordings I have heard in some time. I recommend it highly. Their website,, is spectacular, offering all the information one could possibly ask for and more than enough samples, both audio and video, to sample the album before making a purchase. -- Bill Wilson,



For those who are unfamiliar with John Pagano and his work, his musical style is blues rock with heavy emphasis on the rock side. His vocals sound like those of a poor man’s John Fogerty. They’re sincere and serviceable, but might not take “Centerfield” in some purists’ opinions. JP’s chosen instrument is screaming electric shredder and on it, he is reminiscent of absolutely no one. His musicianship is like the 7×7 Steakburger at Steak and Shake. This sizzling sandwich contains – guess how many! – beef patties. After devouring all that meat, one will be more than replete. The same goes for Pagano’s fretwork, as he takes his place among the guitar behemoths.

This CD is good for long road trips, hanging out with friends, or as background music for a summertime barbecue. It’s meant to be accompanied by adult beverages and recreational vapors of choice. JP is “kicking some serious [anus] tonight,” as the Darwin’s announcer says, but in an almost nonchalant, laid-back way. Blues rock lovers will certainly commend JP for his live efforts, but if they enjoy this live albun, they should also check out JP’s studio release Make Room at the Table too. ---Rainey Wetnight,

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JP Blues Band - I Will Not Go Quietly (2010) JP Blues Band - I Will Not Go Quietly (2010)

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1. As The Crow Flys
2. Poor Little Rich Girl
3. I Will Not Go Quietly
4. Old Love
5. At a Cost play
6. I Want My Lovin' Back play
7. Love Her With A Feeling
8. Nothing In the Street
9. Liar
10. The Tables Have Turned
11. In the City
12. When I'm Bored

John "JP Blues" Pagano (Guitar, vocal)
Albert Castiglia (Guitar)
Dan Travis, John Young (Bass)
Pat Atkins (Drums)
Caroline Aiken (Background Vocals)
Frank Latorre (Harmonica)


JP started playing guitar at the age of 8 and by age 10 it was clear that something special was happening here. This "Something Special" was recognized by legendary bluesman Sam "Bluzman" Taylor. Sam took JP under his wing and began to school him on the blues, or what Sam use to call "SAMerizing" him. It was under Sam's watchful eye that JP began to flourish as a musician and a bluesman! By age 11 JP progressed to the point where he was ready to play large festivals, and play he did! JP began playing throughout the country with Sam Bluzman Taylor, Phil Grande and MNB3 opening for such artists as Derek Trucks, Johnny Winter, Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Cactus, among others.

It was clear with JP's searing, soulful blues guitar backed by the solid rhythm section of Bassist John Young and Veteran touring/session drummer Pat Adkins the JP Blues Band combined a unique mixture of a hard rocking edge and gut tearing blues that gives hope to the rebirth of passion and soul in the music!

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