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1. Tomorrow's Child - 3:18
2. Wasting My Time - 2:18
3. Old Grey Dog - 3:22
4. Name The Day - 2:05
5. It's A Blessing - 3:06
6. Every Little Thing - 5:05
7. Is He Going To Die? - 2:31
8. Duchless Of Montrose - 4:27
9. Clover In The Air - 3:42
10.Garden Of Eden - 7:37

The Underdogs
*Harvey Mann - Telecaster, Gibson, Acoustiphonic Guitars, Vocals
*Neil Edwards - "Talking Frog" Bass, Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Gleny Pig - Drum Kit, Miscellaneous Percussion
*Bob Gillett - Glock, Recorder, Voice, Production
*Bruce Duske - Dials, Meters, Tape, Mixmaster
*John Kerr - Crystal Ball, Money


Well known througout New Zealand and Australia, The Underdogs - on this, their first LP for PYE- entertain with the total comparsion, guts and brilliance of Pig, Mann and Edwards (The Underdogs). With this jacket blurb we want to convince the uninformed that he should have listen.

We know you'll dig it. As the producer i enjoyed every minute of the 3 day session, listening to Harvey, Neil and Glen begin a song and build it on, and punch and polish it here and there -it was like watching a flower unfold. The time was right (recording had been postponed for 2 years), the material was (and is) right, and the mood was warm ebullient.

Executive producer John Kerr wisely decided that if the album was to get off the ground, Harvey, Neil and Glenn would have to do it their way. As a consequence, words and sounds simply fell into place naturally and beautifully. Hear these fantastics: Glen's introdusction to "It's a Blessing" and his extended solo on "Garden of Eden", Harvey's country solo on "Clover In The Air" and his accoustiphonic guitar and singing on his own "Tomorrow's Child", Neil's talking frog Bass on "Is he going to Die?" and his down home singing on "Clover In The Air".

As a close friend of the group, I have seen their ruthless personal huminity blossom into superb musicianship and expression that you will hear on this album. --- Bob Gillet,

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Underdogs Blues Band – Underdogs Blues Band (1967) Underdogs Blues Band – Underdogs Blues Band (1967)

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01 - Oh Pretty Woman
02 - Snowey Wood
03 - Main Line Driver         play
04 - Mary Anne                play
05 - Pauline
06 - Pretty Girls
07 - Yonder Wall
08 - All My Love
09 - Hey Gyp
10 - It Hurts Me Too
11 - Rubber Duck

    Tony Walton (Drums)
    Neil Edwards (Bass)
    Lou Rawnsley (Rhythm Guitar)
    Murray Grindley (Vocals)
    Harvey Mann (Lead Guitar)


It all started back in 1957 in Mt Maunganui, when Archie Bowie got his wake-up call after hearing Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog". He was very interested in rock and roll, and by 1960 was a member of a local group called the String Stars. This group consisted of Julian Collier on lead guitar, Roger Knight on drums, Dennis Pocock on piano, and Archie playing second guitar and sharing the vocals. Julian's girlfriend at the time was Harvey Mann's sister. In early 1967 they released their first single "See Saw"/"Looking Back" and were invited to appear on TV's C'mon show. They caused a stir by appearing in their street clothes and their attitude was far from the normal immaculately groomed pop groups that the public was used to seeing. The producers tried to clean their act up, but Harvey Mann didn't want any part of that and left the group to join the Brew.

Mann's departure could have been disastrous for the group, but they readjusted the line-up, putting Rawnsley on lead guitar, and recorded their best selling single. It was a remake of John Mayall's "Sitting In The Rain" backed with "Shortnin' Bread". It was a huge hit in the Auckland area and did well nationally. It was also the title of their EP. 1968 saw the release of their album "Blues Band". The Underdogs were also referred to as the Underdogs Blues Band.

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Underdogs Blues Band - And Beyond (1968) Underdogs Blues Band - And Beyond (1968)

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1. Oh Pretty Woman
2. Snowey Wood
3. Main Line Driver
4. Mary Anne           play
5. Pauline
6. Pretty Girls
7. Yonder Wall
8. All My Love
9. Hey Gyp
10. It Hurts Me Too
11. Rubber Duck
12. Cheating/Everybody Needs Somebody/Ride Your Pony (Live)
13. See Saw
14. Looking Back       play
15. Sitting In The Rain
16. Shortnin Bread
17. Cheating/Everybody Needs Somebody (Live)
18. There Will Come A Time
19. Fine Jung Hing

Neil Edwards (bass), 
Murray Grindlay (vocals), 
Harvey Mann (lead guitar), 
Lou Rawnsley (guitar), 
Tony Walton (drums), 
Dave Orams (bass), 
George 'Zappa' Barris (bass), 
Doug Thomas, Chaz Burke-Kennedy (lead guitar)


1968 debut album from this fine New Zealand group who sound like Cream meets The Doors. The band play some excellent covers of songs like "Oh Pretty Woman", "Yonder Wall", "It Hurts Me Too" and a psych version of "Hey Gyp" as well as some good group compositions. The album features fine keyboards and guitar work throughout. Bassist Neil Edwards later joined Human Instinct.

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