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1 	Please Come Home For Christmas 	3:00
2 	Moonlight, Mistletoe & You	3:29
3 	Better Everyday 	3:34
4 	Santa Claus, Santa Claus 	3:55
5 	Christmas Is Annoying 	2:12
6 	Merry, Merry Christmas 	4:34
7 	I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm	4:17
8 	Santa Claus Blues 	3:02
9 	When The Children Sing 	3:06
10 	One More Year With You 	4:16

Acoustic Guitar – Keb Mo (tracks: 2, 9)
Backing Vocals – Hollie Hammer (tracks: 3), Jason Eskridge (tracks: 3), Michael B. Hicks* (tracks: 3), Theron Thomas II (tracks: 3)
Baritone Saxophone – Ryan Middagh (tracks: 10)
Bass – Joe Reed (tracks: 2 to 4), Reggie McBride (tracks: 7), Steve Mackey (3) (tracks: 1, 6, 8)
Cello – Carole Rabinowitz (tracks: 2, 7)
Drum – Neil Tufano (tracks: 10)
Drums – Chester Thompson (tracks: 2 to 4), Les Falconer (tracks: 7), Marcus Finnie (tracks: 1, 6), Neil Tufano (tracks: 5), Steve Jordan (tracks: 10)
Electric Guitar – Akil Thompson (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 8), Keb Mo (tracks: 3)
Electric Upright Bass – Christian McBride (tracks: 10), Scott Mulvahill (tracks: 5) 
 Janet Darnall (tracks: 2, 7), Jenny Bifano (tracks: 2, 7), Kevin Winkelmann (tracks: 2, 7)
Vocals – Carter Moore (tracks: 9), Keb Mo, Melissa Manchester (tracks: 7), The Children Of NIA House Montessori School (tracks: 9)ott Mulvahill (tracks: 5)
Grand Piano – Shelly Berg (tracks: 10)
Guitar – Keb Mo (tracks: 1, 4 to 8, 10), Mike Pachelli (tracks: 7)
Keyboards – David Rodgers (tracks: 1, 6, 8), Phil Madeira (tracks: 2 to 4)
Organ – Phil Madeira (tracks: 3)
Percussion – Marcus Finnie (tracks: 10)
Piano – David Rodgers (tracks: 2, 7, 10), Michael B. Hicks (tracks: 3), Phil Madeira (tracks: 2)
Saxophone, Flute – Alex Graham (2) (tracks: 10), Jovan Quallo (tracks: 10)
Tenor Saxophone – Gerald Albright (tracks: 3), Evan Cobb (tracks: 7), Tyler Summers (tracks: 3, 7)
Trombone – Roland Barber (tracks: 10), Roy Agee (tracks: 3, 7, 10)
Trumpet – Quentin Ware (tracks: 10), Steve Patrick (2) (tracks: 10), Vinnie Ciesielski (tracks: 3, 7)
Viola – Betsy Lamb (tracks: 2, 7), Simona Ruso (tracks: 2, 7)
Violin – Conni Ellisor (tracks: 2, 7), David Angell (tracks: 2, 7), David Davidson (tracks: 2, 7), 
 Janet Darnall (tracks: 2, 7), Jenny Bifano (tracks: 2, 7), Kevin Winkelmann (tracks: 2, 7)
Vocals – Carter Moore (tracks: 9), Keb Mo, Melissa Manchester (tracks: 7), The Children Of NIA House Montessori School (tracks: 9)ott Mulvahill (tracks: 5)


The inherent friendliness of Moonlight, Mistletoe and You buoys the first holiday album from veteran blues singer Keb' Mo' through its periodic shifts in tone and style. Keb' Mo' has long been known for dabbling in a variety of different American roots music, so the intermingling of blues, jazz, and Tin Pan Alley pop comes as no surprise. His easy touch ties together these shifts in sound, but his warmth can sometimes be suppressed by the crisp, clean production that veers just a little bit too close to antiseptic on occasion. Despite the digital gloss of "Merry Merry Christmas" and the bouncy "Better Everyday," Moonlight, Mistletoe and You still winds up as a cozy listen, all due to Keb' Mo''s emphasis on sweetness and good humor. The entire album is a celebration -- when he's lamenting the holiday on "Christmas Is Annoying," his tongue is firmly in cheek -- and that's what makes it an appealing soundtrack for the season. ---Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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Keb' Mo - Estival Jazz Lugano 1997 Keb' Mo - Estival Jazz Lugano 1997

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01 I'm on your side 4'56"
02 The action 4'00"
03 That's not love 4'46"
04 Angelina 5'05"
05 Every morning 3'56"
06 Am I wrong 5'47"
07 Tell everybody I know 3'27"
08 Dirty lowdown and bad 6'12"
09 Just like you 4'13"
10 Dangerous mood 7'03"
11 Standin' at the station 4'58"
12 More than one way 11'02"
13 She just wants to dance 4'59"

Keb' Mo - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Joellyn Fiedkin - Keyboards, Accordion
Reggie McBride - Electric Bass
Laval Belle - Drums 

La Romantica Nightclub , Melide (near Lugano) , Switzerland
3. July 1997 


Spectacular sounding set from Keb' Mo' - a delight for Delta/Roots blues fans.

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Keb´ Mo´ - Just Like You (1996) Keb´ Mo´ - Just Like You (1996)

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1.    "That's Not Love" - 4:08 (Georgina Graper & Moore)
2.    "Perpetual Blues Machine" - 3:16 (Graper & Moore)
3.    "More Than One Way Home" - 4:53 (John Lewis Parker & Moore)
4.    "I'm on Your Side" - 3:40
5.    "Just like You" - 3:26 (Parker & Moore)
6.    "You Can Love Yourself" - 2:33
7.    "Dangerous Mood" - 4:59 (Candy Parton & Moore)
8.    "The Action" - 3:59
9.    "Hand It Over" - 2:55
10.   "Standin' at the Station" - 3:13 (Phil Ramocon & Moore)
11.   "Momma, Where's My Daddy?" - 3:07 (Lori Barth & Moore)
12.   "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" - 3:47 (Robert Johnson)
13.   "Lullaby Baby Blues" - 2:36 (Graper & Moore)

Keb' Mo' - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Jim Gordon - clarinet
Darrell Leonard - trumpet
Jim Price - trombone
Ricky Fataar - drums
Tommy Eyre - 11-string guitar, keyboards
James "Hutch" Hutchinson - bass
Jean McClain - background vocals
John Porter - dobro
Munyungo Jackson - percussion
Jackie Farris
Laval Belle
Larry David - harmonica


On his second album, Keb' Mo' begins to expand the borders of his Delta blues by recording with a full band on a couple of tracks and attempting more expansive, rock-based song structures. The attempts aren't entirely successful and it's ironic that he decided to try rock-oriented material after he received such praise for his traditionalist debut. Still, there are a few songs on the album that rank with the best on his first album, which suggests that Just Like You is merely a sophomore slump. ---Thom Owens, Rovi

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Keb' Mo' - Keb' Mo' – 1994 Keb' Mo' - Keb' Mo' (1994)

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1 Every Morning - K. Moore 3:00
2 Tell Everybody I Know - K. Moore 3:10
3 Love Blues 3:02 - Moore & Powell
4 Victims of Comfort - Kimber & Moore 3:21		play
5 Angelina - Graper & Moore 3:47 
6 Anybody Seen My Girl? - K. Moore 2:56
7 She Just Wants to Dance - K. Moore 3:29
8 Am I Wrong? - K. Moore 2:19
9 Come on in My Kitchen - Robert Johnson 4:09		play 
10 Dirty, Low Down and Bad - K. Moore 3:08
11 Don't Try to Explain - K. Moore 3:58
12 Kindhearted Woman Blues - Robert Johnson 3:29 
13 City Boy - K. Moore 4:05

Keb' Mo'- Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Vocals
James "Hutch" Hutchinson - Bass
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
Laval Belle - Drums
Quentin Dennard - Drums 
Tony Draunagel - Percussion 


Every few years, an acoustic guitar player decides he wants to be the next Robert Johnson and endears himself to the blues world--Rory Block, John Hammond Jr., and Taj Mahal have crossed this road in the past. Veteran backup guitarist Kevin "Keb' Mo'" Moore has the freshest approach to pulling it off, turning Johnson's devil-obsessed classics "Come on in My Kitchen" and "Kindhearted Woman Blues" into friendly folk music on this 1994 debut. Unlike many of the great bluesmen, the personable Moore doesn't aspire to be evil or even rebellious; he writes terrific songs (most notably the opening "Every Morning" and "Dirty Low Down and Bad") and performs them with talent and charisma. ---Steve Knopper


Keb' Mo's self-titled debut is an edgy, ambitious collection of gritty country blues. Keb' Mo' pushes into new directions, trying to incorporate some of the sensibilites of the slacker revolution without losing touch of the tradition that makes the blues the breathing, vital art form it is. His attempts aren't always successful, but his gutsy guitar playing and impassioned vocals, as well as his surprisingly accomplished songwriting, make Keb' Mo' a debut to cherish. ---Thom Owens,



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Keb’ Mo’ – The Reflection 2011 Keb’ Mo’ – The Reflection (2011)

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01. The Whole Enchilada
02. Inside Outside						play
03. All The Way
04. The Reflection (I See Myself In You)
05. Crush On You
06. One Of These Nights
07. My Baby’s Tellin’ Lies
08. My Shadow
09. We Don’t Need It
10. Just Lookin’						play
11. Walk Through Fire
12. Something Within

Keb' Mo' self-produced The Reflection, and the album is his first release on his own label, Yolabelle International. 
It features guest spots from India.Arie, Vince Gill, Dave Koz, Marcus Miller, Mindi Abair, and David T. Walker.


After five years, here comes a new studio album from Keb’ Mo’, called The Reflection. Keb’ Mo’ is far and away a different artist from what we see around nowadays; he doesn’t care about hitting the mainstream, he found his peak in his forties (rather than during his teen years or twenties), and he never hides his love for live performances at small venues. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist, a true songwriter, and a great singer and performer.

When you’ll play this record for the first time, you may be astonished at its musical content: real rhythm & blues, the kind of rhythm and blues belonging to the '70s -- to Aretha Franklin, to James Brown, to Marvin Gaye, to Earth, Wind, And Fire -- created from a blending of blues, jazz, soul. It has been a long time since someone put something like this on the market, and I'm glad that Keb’ Mo’ did.

The Reflection is the perfect title for this album, as we find ourselves listening to reflections on romance and stories constructed around emotion. Each track is a lesson learned, a story Keb’ Mo’ lived through before putting it into lyrics and then shaping it with blues music. The opening tracks, "The Whole Enchilada," "Inside Outside," and "All The Way," will soon draw you into the world of '70s R&B with a funky guitar-line and some jazzy melodies. Next comes "The Reflection (I See Myself In You)," the album's title track, and that’s where the old-school blues gets to work, a wonderful instrumental intro finishing just when the vocals start. Deep lyrics carry this six-minute reflection, finishing on a blues/soul line. You don’t want to miss it as you journey through the album.

Along the way you’ll meet some more love ballads, songs talking about love and loneliness and about how love can make a fool or a king out of you. The touching lyrics may make you smile or shed a tear during songs such as "We Don’t Need It," "Walk Through Fire," and "Something Within," which discuss deeper love than infatuation, such as the joy of being a father or faith in god -- things that Keb’ Mo’ learned and wants to share with us on this new album.

This singer even got to share the recording studio with a couple of country stars -- Vince Gill co-wrote "My Baby’s Telling Me Lies" and India.Arie is featured with Keb' Mo' on "Crush On You," an emotional journey that feels like a precious gift to his fans. Throughout the album, Keb’ Mo’ shows he’s a real master at speaking his heart and blending rhythm and blues, soul, and other genres more skillfully than most other artists. If you hear only one old-timey R&B album this year, make it Keb' Mo's The Reflection. ---

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Keb Mo – Philadelphia Folk Fest (1997) Keb Mo – Philadelphia Folk Fest (1997)

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01. Victim Of Comfort
02. Perpetual Blues Machine
03. That's Not Love
04. Am I Wrong
05. City Boy
06. Angelina
07. Every Morning
08. You Can Love Yourself
09. Hand It Over

Philadelphia Folk Fest
Old Poole Farm,
Schwenksville PA


Guitarist/vocalist Keb' Mo' draws heavily on the old-fashioned country blues style of Robert Johnson while keeping his sound contemporary with touches of soul and folksy storytelling. A skilled frontman as well as an accomplished sideman, he writes much of his own material and has applied his acoustic, electric, and slide guitar skills to jazz- and rock-oriented bands. Born Kevin Moore in Los Angeles to parents of Southern descent, he was exposed to gospel music at a young age. At 21, Moore joined an R&B band that was later hired for a tour by Papa John Creach; as a result, Moore played on three of Creach's albums. Opening for jazz and rock artists such as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jefferson Starship, and Loggins & Messina helped further broaden Moore's horizons and musical abilities.

Moore cut an R&B-based solo album, Rainmaker, in 1980 for Casablanca, which promptly folded. In 1983, he joined Monk Higgins' band as a guitarist and met a number of blues musicians who collectively increased his understanding of the genre. He subsequently joined a vocal group called the Rose Brothers and gigged around Los Angeles. In 1990 Moore portrayed a Delta bluesman in a local play, Rabbit Foot, and then played Robert Johnson in a docudrama entitled Can't You Hear the Wind Howl? He released his self-titled debut album as Keb' Mo' in 1994, featuring two Robert Johnson covers, 11 songs written or co-written by Moore, and his guitar and banjo work.

His second album, Just Like You, saw Keb' Mo' stretching his legs by working with a full band and tackling several rock-based songs. The gamble paid off, as Just Like You won the artist his first Grammy Award. Slow Down followed in 1998 and netted Mo' another Grammy, and Door was issued two years later. Big Wide Grin followed in 2001, while 2004 saw the release of two albums, Keep It Simple and Peace...Back by Popular Demand. Suitcase was issued in 2006 on Red Ink Records. The self-produced The Reflection appeared five years later in 2011; the first release on his own label, Yolabelle International, the album featured guest spots from India.Arie, Vince Gill, Dave Koz, Marcus Miller, Mindi Abair, and David T. Walker. ---Steve Huey, All Music Guide



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Keb’ Mo’ – Peace … Back by Popular Demand 2004 Keb’ Mo’ – Peace … Back by Popular Demand 2004

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01. For what it's worth 4.00
02. Wake up everybody 4.07
03. People got to be free 3.45
04. Talk 3.38
05. What's happening brother 3.25
06. The times they are a-changin' 4.11
07. Get together 4.00
08. Someday we'll all be free 4.02
09. (What's so funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding 3.43
10. Imagine 4.54
Personnel: Mindi Abair - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano) Maxi Anderson - Vocals (Background) Karen Elaine Bakunin - Viola Alex Brown - Vocals (Background) Mark Cargill - Concert Master, Fiddle, Violin Susan Chatman - Violin Nikka Costa - Scat Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion Stephen Ferrone - Drums Steve Ferrone - Drums James Harrah - Guitar (Electric) Phillip Ingram - Vocals (Background) Paul Jackson, Jr. - Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric) Keb' Mo' - Bass, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Steel Dobro, Vocals Michael King - Organ (Hammond) Nick Lane - Trombone Miguel Martinez - Cello Harvey Mason, Sr. - Drums Reggie McBride - Bass Jeff Paris - Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Mandolin, Organ (Hammond), Piano, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer Greg Phillinganes - Organ, Piano Lon Price - Saxophone Wil Wheaton - Vocals (Background)


The velvety voiced Mo' shifts away from his usual matters of the heart to matters of the world on this disc of predominantly covers. He has also abandoned his bluesier roots in favor of a slicker, jazz-based pop. The result is a protest album for the double-latte crowd, most of whom can hum along to chestnuts from the Rascals ("People Got to be Free"), John Lennon ("Imagine"), and Bob Dylan ("The Times They Are A-Changin'"). While a jaunty banjo- and fiddle-flecked version of the Nick Lowe-penned "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" (popularized by Elvis Costello) uses a questionable rearrangement to convey the song's message, Mo' really connects when he raids the soul vaults for tunes by Marvin Gaye, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, and Donny Hathaway. It's a pleasant, subtle, and always professionally performed detour that's as comfy as a warm cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day. ---Hal Horowitz, Rovi



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